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C4D r13 and Boujou: frame rate/misalignment problems

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Paddy Fernandez
C4D r13 and Boujou: frame rate/misalignment problems
on Dec 23, 2011 at 1:33:28 pm

Hi there having real problems with bringing exported boujou data into C4D. I have found out as much as I can through searching before asking here but cant find anything about C4D r13 and boujou.....
This is the process I have been following:

-bring footage into AE
-conform footage to 24fps
-render 2 copies (1 as jpg sequence 1 as .mov)

-open image sequence in boujou as 24fps from frame 00000.jpg
-track features
-camera solve
-scene geometry
-add test object- PERFECT track, object looks like it has been superglued to the scene!
-double check fps taskview>cameras>camera 1>sequence 1> still at 24fps
-export camera solve: c4d file/start frame 0/untick 'use format default.../scale scene by 100

-find and replace in text edit:
"Key -3.141593" ---> "Key 0.000000"
"Key -0.000000" ---> "Key 0.000000"
"ParentItem 10000001" --->"ParentItem 10000002"

-open in C4D
-new material apply .mov as texture
-add background apply texture
-create floor add texture set frontal projection
-open texture check its set to 24fps
-check project settings are at 24fps
-add sphere or simlar test object
-scrub through timeline/render small section
-object and background are misaligned/looks terrible completely non-tracked

have watched pretty much every tutorial on youtube with the keywords: c4d/boujou/track/r13/troubleshooting/tutorial etc
however have found nothing for resolving the issues in c4d...
Any help would be really appreciated as i have spent the past 8hrs getting nowhere, it seems like such a simple process which makes it even more frustrating!!

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Andrew Okeh
Re: C4D r13 and Boujou: frame rate/misalignment problems
on Dec 25, 2011 at 3:29:33 am

There's a glitch in Boujou where it'll save the first two frames twice in it's tracking data, so it'll offset everything and make it look like it wasn't tracked properly.

Personally, would worked for me was unchecking "Use format default start index and null size", and setting the start index at 0 instead of 1. Hopefully that'll work with you!

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Realwan Ola
Re: C4D r13 and Boujou: frame rate/misalignment problems
on Dec 26, 2013 at 6:58:30 am

I have problems when tracking with Boujou and c4d,i cant find the -3.14... Value when i open in a text editor,what did i do wrong,am using r13 and boujou 4

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