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Rigid body objects acting like jello jigglers!

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Doug Wattenschaidt
Rigid body objects acting like jello jigglers!
on Oct 31, 2011 at 9:58:14 pm

To give an idea of my history, I'm new-ish to Cinema 4D and 3D modeling. I've gone through almost every lesson from, made the simpler stuff, but now have a project for work that is much more in depth than rolling a ball down stairs.

Using the R13 Demo from the Maxon website, I've created a poker chip and used the cloner to essentially make a stack of chips. I've also created a plane with a collider body tag to be the floor. Now here is the problem. I've given the cloner (Stack of Chips) a rigid body tag, individual elements set to all, so that when i hit play the stack drops a short distance to the floor. However the chips flex and spring and shoot everywhere despite having their bounce % (and the floor's bounce %) set to zero. They then jiggle and dance on each other rather than coming to a halt. What am I missing that would allow the chips to fall in a stack realistically, rather than falling like jello jigglers?

J-E-L-L-Oh no!

Thanks in advance!


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Adam Trachtenberg
Re: Rigid body objects acting like jello jigglers!
on Oct 31, 2011 at 11:31:52 pm

In the cloner's dynamics tag:

1. Increase the linear and angular damping in the Forces tab. That will calm things down; and, if that doesn't do it

2. Increase the threshold settings in the Dynamics tab. That will cause the objects to stop when their motion decreases to a certain point.

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