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How can I use pre-existing zbrush mesh as a morph target on rig in cinema 4d

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John SmithHow can I use pre-existing zbrush mesh as a morph target on rig in cinema 4d
by on Jul 4, 2011 at 3:40:16 pm

Hey, I have a problem I am trying to figure out concerning Poser to Zbrush to Cinema 4d.

What I wanted to do was used a pre-existing mesh I modeled in Zbrush and attach it to the mesh of the rigged poser model in poser using morph targets. Then I would export the Poser character with my morphs into CD4 with rig.

I was told that since the Zbrush mesh was made before I imported the model that I would not be able to use it as a full body morph target, something about polygon vetrex errors with poser. (If someone knows how to do this, however, that would solve my issue all together)

Moving further, I was told that I could not do this with the poser character and it was suggested that I could model the poser mesh using morph targets ( one to two pieces at a time) by exporting obj files of each body part from poser to Zbrush and then assign the pieces as morph targets back into poser.

That was great but, without the ability to do a full body morph from poser into zbrush this process is not efficient and the morph has seam issues since I can't do the poser models shoulder and symetry/mirror is off.

So I after countless revisions and days trying to export pieces of the poser model over to zbrush to model and morph, I decided to try to move the model without the changes into CD4.

I saw a tutorial on how to use interposerPro to get the model from Poser into Cinema 4d and so I did that with hopes that I could then export to Zbrush to model the skin from there and import back into cinema 4d and have a fully funtionaly rig with IK and a NEW detailed SKIN MESH that was modeled in ZBRUSH.

My Questions:

1. Is there a way to use the mesh I created in zbrush previously as a Morph target for export into Poser as a full body morph or Cinema 4d as a Morph Tag to a already rigged character?
Again, this would solve the whole issue. (The model mesh I created in Zbrush was modeled from the same character I have imported into CD4, so geometry and size should match).

2. If I can't do that then, how can I used the model I created in Zbrush with a displacement map for export into Cd4 to work on the rigged character?

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to be clear. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
Also I am using a Mac. There is a the full body morph export plug I saw but only for windows so this in is not an option for me.

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Adam TrachtenbergRe: How can I use pre-existing zbrush mesh as a morph target on rig in cinema 4d
by on Jul 5, 2011 at 7:44:02 pm

I can't answer your Poser questions, but you can model the details in ZBrush and then, instead of exporting the mesh, export a displacement map. Then apply the map with subpoly displacement to your model in Cinema. That will give you the detail that you modeled in ZBrush.

You might also download the GoZ plugin from Pixelogic. It provides one-button exchange between Cinema and ZB4.

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John SmithRe: How can I use pre-existing zbrush mesh as a morph target on rig in cinema 4d
by on Jul 7, 2011 at 10:22:25 pm

Thanks for the response. I'll look in to doing the displacement map and post my results.

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