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Random Effector Help

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tommy stricklandRandom Effector Help
by on Apr 14, 2009 at 8:33:57 am

I'm really struggling with the random effector, I suppose maybe I am missing a step.

My hierchy goes something like this:

Random Effector
-Clone Object w/ Random Effector in the Effector Tab
--Null Object

Now, when I animate the random effector and hit the Keyframe button and then go to the next frame and change the position and rotation of the clone objects (effector settings) and keyframe the second keyframe.

I am only left with the new position and rotation of the nulled object, however no animation occurs. Why is this so?

Is it not possible to animate the clone object through it's random effector attributes?

I welcome any advice, as this is my homework assignment and it is due Wednesday. Unfortunately, I am unable to solve this problem.

Ultimately, I want several nulled cubes to glide across the screen rotating. Yet I only have one cube made and I am trying to clone several copies of that cube with randomized rotation properties.

Tommy ;-)

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John HammondRe: Random Effector Help
by on Apr 14, 2009 at 1:04:56 pm


First off, to get a simple cloner to animate randomly this is the process:

create cube, size 20, 20, 20 (or any other object)

create mograph cloner and drop your cube (or whatever) under it in heirachy.

with the cloner selected, create a random effector. This should now automatically be set as an effector under the cloner's effector tab. The effectors position in the heirachy doesn't matter.

Now here's the bit that also stumped me for a while. Click the random effector's effector tab and change Random Mode to Noise. Noise animates over time, random does not. There are other modes like Gaussian to play with.

Hope that was clear and answered your question.

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Adam TrachtenbergRe: Random Effector Help
by on Apr 14, 2009 at 2:50:26 pm

Using noise is a good way to do this, but animating the rotation parameter should work too. It does here. Can't tell what he's doing wrong without a scene file, though.

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