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Scott DennisMobile Logic
by on Apr 19, 2005 at 7:48:09 pm

Greetings editors.

I am a musician and video editor. I will be traveling this summer and want to record music on the road. This will be mostly analog acoustic guitar and simple drum beats from a drum machine software. They are really demos to be recorded properly when I return to the States. I have a Powerbook 17" 1ghz with 1 G of Ram. It has 60 g of storage.

I want to know what are the bare necessities I would need to record. An interface? Software? More storage? Modulator? Microphone?

With this in mind, I want to make an investment that will allow me to expand into my video software (soon to be FCP studio from Avid Xpress Pro). I have heard that Pro Tools is better for analog recording. Is this true? The M-Box seems like a good product but I am a bit concerned about investing with Digidesign as I don't want to be dependent on their hardware and Avid seems to be moving away from the Mac platform. I am thinking of Logic but am concerned about its ability to integrate with FCP. Would Soundtrack Pro allow me to record anaolog with some type of interface?

Recommendations anyone?

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Dennis LisonbeeRe: Mobile Logic
by on Apr 29, 2005 at 3:37:14 am

I own both Logic and Pro Tools.

I have a M-Box and for $450 it is a bargin. Interface and Pro Tools LE. I directed a 35 minute comedy short and the sound mixer actually used a 15inch Powerbook and the M-Box instead of a DAT! He named each take and the raw files imported directly into FCP perfectly.

I also did two High Definition PBS concerts with Logic. The re-recording and mixing all the way to 5.1 surround was also done on Logic. The final tracks interfaced perfectly with FCP and the sound is killer, the best audio for TV anyone has done to this point. (With Logic you will need to purchase an interface. Logic also has a steeper learning curve than Pro Tools but it is also more powerful and comes with many more plug-in's.)

If you are doing midi and want a sampler or synth, Logic wins hands down. It has samples and synths built right in! I have a midi keyboard mounted right between my HD Cinema Display and computer keyboard.

Soundtrack Pro is a great mixing and sound design tool for video. It is not for recording live sound. FCP will allow you to record one mono track on the timeline.

Suddenly Steve Job's vision of the future is coming all together. One box with one i/o. The software and the processors do it all. With the new Final Cut 5.0 Suite, Shake and Logic 7.1, what more do you need than one i/o? Just add creativity.

Dennis Lisonbee

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George LochRe: Mobile Logic
by on Apr 29, 2005 at 10:00:56 pm

You may want to look into MOTU's Traveler. It offers F/W connectivity, bus powered and has a great selection of ins and outs. It will expand better than the M-box and there are already Tiger drivers for it.

Combine this with a couple of good mics and you will be good to go - literaly.


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Scott DennisRe: Mobile Logic
by on May 1, 2005 at 1:24:10 am

Thanks for the tips. I agree with the Steve Jobs' Conquering of the World approach. It may be a bit crrepy working only with Apple products (Thank goodness for Adobe) but the truth is that they are great and integrate well. I was surprised to hear how well Logic integrates with FCP. I suppose Soundtrack Pro would be used for post production with Logic tracks. So, I'll probably will go with the Logic. I think the suggested mobile Motu product sounds good too.

Thanks for your ideas!

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