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Jaeson Jrakman
Curve Editor in 3ds Max
on May 3, 2016 at 4:29:22 am

So I'm running the student edition of 3ds 2016, and I've got a plane that I was going to make a simple animation of, or so I thought. Did the curve editor change in 2016?

I have a beginning point, a mid point, and an end point. A plane taking off of a runway. For some reason between point A and point B, rather than going in a straight line across the runway like I animated, it dips down below the ground before getting to point B, after which it rises into the air to point C.

Additionally, at point B I'm getting an annoying ease in/ease out in the plane motion that I'm trying to smooth out.

I watched the following tutorial:

At the 3:14 mark in the tutorial, he shows selecting all of the points in the curve editor, and click "set tangents to linear. I've done exactly that, but nothing happens. I click the button several times, and the curves simply stay as they are. The buttons don't seem to do anything. Which is frustrating since in the tutorial they're working as they seem they should.

I used to be able to simply right click on the key, and choose the linear curve, but it seems like that option is no longer available.

I also tried selecting the key for point B, and adjusting it with the buttons at top, which don't seem to do much of anything. I can't seem to grab any bezier tools to adjust the curves either. When I right click on a key frame a new dialogue box comes up and allows me to adjust curves with X value, Y value, Z value, Ease to, Ease from, Tension, continuity, and Bias, but these controls don't really seem to allow me to do what I want to do. I'd like to make the green curve linear so that there isn't a pause midway through the plane taking off, but when I adjust the curve on the green to reflect that, it forcibly changes the blue curve so that the plane dips down below the ground again. It only allows me to do one or the other; get rid of the mid take off pause, or get rid of the dip below the runway.

I've looked at Autodesk's help files, but frankly they're never really much help.

Thanks in advance to any help anyone can give.

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