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Needing advice in selecting the best computer system.

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Gerald Delgy
Needing advice in selecting the best computer system.
on Jul 18, 2013 at 3:03:43 pm

This fall I will studying 3D modeling and animation in college and I am needing a new computer. I am on a very limited budget and I have found two systems and I am looking for help in deciding which would the best choice.

System 1: Xeon (6-core, 2.4GHz) processor with 4GB RAM, no video card but I will be adding either a Quadro 600 or Quadro 2000. Depending on which card is selected it will affect the amount of RAM I can add. If I go with the 600 card I can afford to add around 24GB RAM but if I go with the 2000 card my budget will allow me to add another 4GB at the most.

System 2: i7 (quad-core, 3.4GHz) processor, 32GB RAM with a Quadro 600 card.

I'm not sure if it would be better to have more RAM with a slower processor or faster processor and less RAM. Also which video card would you suggest or does this play a major role?

In will be primarily using 3D Studio Max but will also be using Photoshop, After Effects, Premier, and Mudbox

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much,


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Joseph W. Bourke
Re: Needing advice in selecting the best computer system.
on Jul 18, 2013 at 10:02:41 pm

Here's a complete rundown straight from the horse's mouth. You don't say what version of Max you'll be using, so you'll have to poke through the choices here:


Take note of the NVIDIA CUDA requirements - I'm running 3DS Max 2011, and the CUDA card made all the difference to my workflow. But be careful, as the specs change based on the version of Max you're using. I'm guessing you'll have the latest version of the Educational Entertainment Creation Suite.

Joe Bourke
Owner/Creative Director
Bourke Media

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David Baca
Re: Needing advice in selecting the best computer system.
on Jul 19, 2013 at 9:36:37 pm

I just recently made a major upgrade to my PC. Basically I think in terms of this:

I wanted a faster viewport in Max and being able to display a ton of objects and Geometry so I picked up a new GTX 770.

For rendering projects I have 24 gigs of ram, but remember if you do not have upgraded version of windows you can not utilize that amount.

3D/Motion Designer
Showreel: https://vimeo.com/davidbaca3d

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Todd Stopa
Re: Needing advice in selecting the best computer system.
on Aug 23, 2013 at 4:30:26 am

My opinion is that ram is far more important than your gpu when it comes to max.

the gpu helps but not during rendertime unless you are using some sort of gpu accelerated renderer and those are still not up to snuff when it comes to complex material support.

I would leave the quadro out of it as it is only recommended if you need ultimate driver support and cannot afford downtime etc.

for a student learning in the industry get a GeForce card and it will keep up with the big boys in terms of the viewport. and get the best proc you possibly can alongside a TON of ram.

not getting the quadro alon will save you a ton of loot. enough almost to get the big boy processor and a metric ton of ram.

I have been using a GeForce card and before that a radeon series gpu each of which were able to push upwards of 10 mil polys onscreen at a time without a hiccup

Trust me on this one, if you are not doing enterprise level graphics work you do not need a quadro or firegl just go with a standard gpu.

it will save you tons of money and you will get the performance and capability you desire.


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