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objects start and end points on the timeline.

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Richie Tovellobjects start and end points on the timeline.
by on Jun 18, 2011 at 4:57:55 pm


If anyone wants to help me find a way to tackle this problem at a basic level I'd be really grateful, I need to find a way of sequencing an objects (beginning/end) points on the timeline, it seems objects appear already in the comp as soon as they are created, it looks to me as though you can't create a shape and then sequence it on the timeline specifically to start "here" and end "there" which I need to do in order to arrange the video/bitmaps to playback in time, I'll explain.

This is basically what I'm doing: In a blank session I create a plane, in the materials editor I create a standard texture and select a video clip as the materials bitmap.

I apply the bitmaped texture to the plane so it can be seen in the composition. When I hit play in 3ds max the video which is mapped to the plane plays back immediately and can be seen in the selected view.

How can I move this planes (start) so both it and the video clip begin at a specific frame on the timeline? I want to move the plane and the clip to both appear at the same frame further on in to the comp say at frame 100, how should I do that? I can't find anything relating to start points in any of the parameters displayed in the track view or the dopesheet or in the modify object panel.

If anyone has a minuet to help I'd be very grateful, I'm creating music compositions in pro tools which are midi based, the midi sequences start of life as note data which is used to run instruments, the midi is then also sent to 3ds max to drive the 3d visual comp. The visual comp in 3ds max consists of multiple video clips mapped to planes each plane is then manipulated in 3d space by the midi itself (this is a really cool and fast way to work) because it takes care of a lot of the timing issues you usually run in to when creating AV compositions.

I've now hit this problem though, as I said I can't find a way of sequencing the clips or their objects on the 3ds max timeline.

Regards Richard.

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David ChappellRe: objects start and end points on the timeline.
by on Jun 19, 2011 at 2:03:12 pm


In your material slot where your movie is held - go to the 'Time' section - then you can specifiy the start frame (which is default at '0') at which the movie begins playing.

The plane itself will still be visible until you set it's own properties.
Ensure you are in autokey mode then right-click your plane : properties : visibility (default 1.0 = full on)
You can then keyframe this value from 0.0 - 1.0 either over 1 frame for an instant switch-on or over a few frames for a fade on affect.

Hope this helps!

David Chappell
Freelance Motion Graphics / 3D

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Richie TovellRe: objects start and end points on the timeline.
by on Jun 21, 2011 at 2:48:52 pm

hi David.

I thought as much, whilst there's enough external controls in max to keep me busy enough, I'd love to have seen it include control over bitmaps a bit better.

The opacity and start control you mentioned are a great help though.



Coda - musical selections; in film, the ending or last section of a film (often wordless).

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