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John Minns
Rayfire 1.55 Plugin Advice/Tutorials
on Apr 12, 2011 at 8:43:32 am

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone out there could help me. I'm looking to use Rayfire for my current university project for some 3D destruction. I've started working with the latest demo version 1.55 with Nvidia Physx 2.60.0314.1641.

I just cant seem to get anything to work within my scene. I've followed all the tutorials I can find, through their website, via youtube, etc... But they're all for 1.51 and bellow, and they seem to change their interface and functions fairly drastically between every release, and can't seem to apply the lessons from the tutorials to the version I'm using.

To put it simply, I was wondering if anyone can guide on the basics of which objects go under which settings within the rollout, or if anyone can point me to some useful tutorials which are relevant to the latest release.

All I am trying to find out how to do is; a. get an object to break when it hits a surface, e.g. the floor and b. how to get an object to break when another object falls onto it.

Every time I try these, I get varying results, either the object starts to fall and then shoots of erratically before hitting another surface, or if I fragment the object, it falls apart straight away and I can't figure out the glue system.

Can anyone out there help me? :)

Thanks in advance guys.

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Mark Spraker
Re: Rayfire 1.55 Plugin Advice/Tutorials
on Jun 11, 2011 at 4:05:01 am

I know this reply is kind of late, but it might still be helpful. I use 1.55 myself and here is what I've found through my experimentation. I'll just go over what I use each section for in my simulations.

The Dynamic/Impact Objects list is for objects that you wish to apply physics to and/or demolish either through Interactive Demolition or the Fragment Impact Objects button in the Fragmentation tab. Animated objects go here and will react accordingly if they collide with anything.

Static & Kinematic Objects. This is where you put any objects that cannot be affected by the simulation, but other objects in the simulation will collide with. Animated Objects can go here as well, but cannot be demolished.

Sleeping Objects are inactive until another objects touches them. This is useful for pre-fragmented objects since the separate pieces will be stationary until another forces acts upon them.

As for Glue, well, I just use Glue Objects in Groups. Basically, you check the Glue Objects in Groups check box, then, any objects that are grouped together in your simulation will be glued if they're within the glue radius. Breakable needs to be checked for them to be able to separate. Strength determines the force needed to break the bond.

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