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Colour/Texture map advice needed

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Gareth HanksColour/Texture map advice needed
by on Jan 11, 2011 at 1:56:58 pm

Hi People.

I'm an After Effects user venturing into the world of 3DS & I'm struggling to find a solution to this problem:

In the picture I have created a booleaned cube with a letter cut out. What I am trying to achieve is a completely black cube but the bevelled edge resulting from the booleaned letter to be a separate colour so it creates an outlined reveal of the letter shape, a photoshopped example is shown on the right of the attached image, but I don't know the most efficient way of doing this?

If I was to create this in After Effects using Invigorator Pro plug-in I'd have an idea of how to produce this result abet on a far simpler shape but there appears to be no way in 3DS of isolating the cube's structure without disassembling it with an Edit Mesh modifier & individually selecting all the relevant polygons.

Am I missing something? Can I easily select the complete bevelled edge & apply a seperate colour map?

Any direction appreciated. Thanks

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Graham MacfarlaneRe: Colour/Texture map advice needed
by on Feb 5, 2011 at 3:55:57 pm

This is very easy to do in Max:
1 Add an edit poly modifier on top of the booleaned object.
2 Go to sub object polygon mode and select all polygons and make all Polygon material ID's to 1 if not already.
3 Now deselect the front face with an "alt" click
4 Go to a top view and deselect by "alt" dragging a box which intersects all but that little chamfered bit.

Note: for 4 make sure that the icon on the tool panel at the top of the main UI called "window / crossing" (just left of the move tool) looks like a dotted box with a smaller solid box on its edge rather than a box within a box.

5: With these remaining faces change them to material ID 2.
6: Create a multi sub object material and place the relevant textures in slots 1 and 2 then apply it to the object in the scene.

Graham Macfarlane
3D animator and VFX specialist
London UK

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Gareth HanksRe: Colour/Texture map advice needed
by on Mar 1, 2011 at 11:47:33 am

Thank you! Great piece of advice that works so well. This is likely to be part of my regular routine for 3D typography. Cheers.

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