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3d sound placement.

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Richie Tovell
3d sound placement.
on Jan 2, 2011 at 5:25:52 am

Hi, sorry if I sound a little stressed I've been wracking my head up against this problem for a couple of days now, can anybody help, I'm new to 3ds max.

I'm hoping to use 3ds max to create fairly realistic soundscapes, I am venturing in to professional sound design some of which will involve designing sound for theatre and I've been looking for an app to use which could help me create guides for more realistic scene designs including simulating their soundscapes, for example when working on a realistic cityscape, acurate lighting, perspective and textures are just one part of the overall scene, realistic sound is also of major importance as well.

How could I use 3ds max to achive this? could I place or "localize" audio files to specific areas of paticulr models for example? Would it be possible to "attatch" audio files to say a moving object within my model? like a passing car with a realistic engine noise? or could I simulate the different reverbs you might encounter in a subway? In short, what ways could I make the environment of the model "effect" my audio files, could 3ds max take in to acount things like surface textures and reflections like flutter echos for example, room reverbs, doppler panning, distance simulation? If 3ds max could do any of this it would be a great help to me, I would very much like to use 3ds max as an aid to creating more realistic and complex soundscapes as it's modeling engine is just superb and ideal for this work.

Imagine how many sounds it takes to make up the background ambience of a city, in real life this would be literally tens of millions of individual sounds, these large volumes of sounds also constantly shift and change as they pass through different environments within the cityscape and change throughout different times in the day as their sources move through different states. I need to approximate these kinds of dynamics in my sound design (as closely as possible in fact) so they realistically support the visual environments they are suposed to represent, the soundscapes I want to create are complex and they need to be as adaptable as possible and cirtainly conform to some degree of actual physics, like matierial propperties, motion, distance speed etc etc.

I have found an old plugin that supposedly can achieve most of this, (foley studio max) but it only runs in 3ds max up to 2009, not only is it very old but the demo doesn't come with any help files so I cant evaluate it or even learn to use it. There are no tutorials on this plugin anywhere, worst still even it's "demo" projects cant even load their own wav files, kind of important that (for an audio plugin) as if that wasn't discouraging enough there hasn't been a post on their forums for over a year. . . whilst I'm sure they'd still happily sell it to me, I really need something a little better developed, or atleast currently supported lol, it would be good atleast to be able to find a user manual for it, but even if I were to . . . I'm really really strugeling with the crashes and guesswork.

Can anyone offer me any pointers at all as to whether this is in anyway possible in the current version of 3ds max? I'm not a 3d modeler and I don't plan on using this app in the traditional sense, so it's hard to evaluate how much use it (might) really be, as I don't have much expierience with it outside of the basics, for example, how many channels of audio can it run, does it have any of the features I mentioned above? or is there perhaps a newer up to date plugin along these lines made by anyone?


Richard Tovell.

Coda - musical selections; in film, the ending or last section of a film (often wordless).

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