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I want to create a Gable Box.

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Carmyn Davidson
I want to create a Gable Box.
on Nov 16, 2010 at 12:04:48 am

Hello. I need to say straight away that I'm quite new to the 3ds Max program. For the past two weeks I've been messing around with the program, looking at various tutorials to try and understand some of the basic tools. I'm trying to learn at least the basics so that I can create a gable box (and possibly other things) for portfolio presentation.

Of course making a box is simple and I know how to use certain modifiers to create round edges of a box from scratch and with the Chamfer Box tool. And I have a stable grasp of the UVW Unwrap tool plus some lighting and rendering techniques. The problem is I don't know how I could rightly create the handles of a gable box so that they are connected to the main part of the package.

So far all I have is a template in illustrator of what the gable box looks like unfolded. I want to know if there is a way to import the template into Max to create the box or if there is another simpler way.

I'm using the 2011 64-bit version of 3Ds Max for free via the three year student license. Thank you for reading.

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Ryan John
Re: I want to create a Gable Box.
on Nov 18, 2010 at 1:28:48 am

okay Ill quickly address the Illustrator template, to import this into 3DS you need to save it as a .AI file selecting the Legacy 8 version, you can then use the Import function to import this into 3DS where it will arrive as a spline....however the above is only really necessary if you are following an intricate design like a logo.

SO to create something like a gabled box is just a process of polygon modelling. The first important decision you must make is how detailed you want the box, the three options are usually low poly, high poly or ultra high poly. The first would just be a series of planes, the second would be fairly accurate thickneses, detailed hinges, holes etc and all intensive purposes looks real.. the third option would be where you actually model the corrugation in the cardboard, where the corners crease rather than fold and other silly little details... for now I'll assume you want a high poly model.

There is no right way to model anything, the only right way is the end result and that all the polys and loops are in the right place.

Its generally easier to build things by halves and mirror them to save you making everything twice but a box should be simple enough to do whole. I would start with a basic box and delete the top poly, then grab the exposed edges and holding SHIFT pull them up and manipulate them into the gable shape, using the INSET tool I'd create where I wnt the handles and locking holes and delete the middle poly, to create the lock I'd simply extrude a couple of edges(hold shift) through the holes, maybe insert a slice/loop or two(use knife or insert loop). Once you have the box made up in the modifiers list use "Shell" to give the cardboard a thickness. Thats about it, play around with those tools you might find it easier using the graphite modelling tools as they show an example of what each tool does.

**you might find the shell tool will create intersecting polys and unrealistic cornerss to get around this you have to create small gaps for the thickness to sit in usually by creating a loop near the corner before extruding the edges.

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