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Several questions regarding biped & motion capture .BIP's

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Matt Winans
Several questions regarding biped & motion capture .BIP's
on Apr 27, 2010 at 6:23:27 pm

If these questions get answered, I am going to definitely consider donating to the forum or to the individual that helps me via PayPal.

Using the Motion Mixer:

Importing mocap BIP clips into the motion mixer on a transition track seem to do these things I would REALLY like to find a work around:

1.) Importing BIP clips to mixer almost always moves my entire biped animation to a separate part of the map, where then I have resorted to placing it back into position with the

"Move All" tool-- however the X, Y, and Z & Rotation coordinates change so I have to do this by hand and it takes forever to keep placing the animation back into position!

Collapsing the coordinates (to make them 0,0,0) is faded out (not an option anymore) for some reason.

2.) In mixer, appending BIP clips to others on a transition track is warping the footstep position to the ground plane regardless of the import option of turning this off. Here

is an excerpt of the 3ds max help file:

"When you load a biped clip from a file, you have the option of setting the lowest starting foot height to Z=0 (the construction plane). If you leave this option turned on, the

clip's motion will be moved in space so the biped's feet fall on the construction plane on the first frame of the clip. The letter Z appears after the clip name to indicate this


Turned off, still warping the first frame of the new clip to the ground plane:

Fixing this with layers is very frustrating and time consuming.

I am going to explain the process of what I'm doing and am open to hearing some alternative methods that would save me time and possibly make it easier for me.
1.) Import BIP clips to a transition track in mixer while in mixer mode
2.) Position BIP animation coordinates to where I want them
3.) Append a few new clips to mixer on a transition track and fix the transitions
4.) Create a mixdown of the few clips in progress (say having only about 5% of the animation done)
5.) Copy mixdown to biped to edit them in freeform
6.) Add new layer in layers panel (like body vertical going up steps)
7.) Autokey & set key the biped on this layer to get my freeform animation right
8.) Collapse the layer I made to the base layer
9.) Export custom .BIP of all the clips together (all that were in the mixdown before)
10.) Go back to the motion mixer and delete the old clips and import the new custom .BIP
11.) Move the custom .BIP back into position using the "Move All" tool (as stated as issue #1 above)
12.) Append new clips to this custom .BIP but issue #2 comes into place!

This is a very lengthy process and to be honest, I don't know if it's very smart. There aren't many tutorials on many of these concepts, so any advice is appreciated.

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