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Simple (or not) question about material mapping problem

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John Harrington
Simple (or not) question about material mapping problem
on Mar 23, 2010 at 11:53:23 pm

Here is the example of what I am modelling:

I drew a shelving unit with 5 shelves, on top of each shelf I have drawn a box that is mapped with images of products, the shelf is 8 feet long, looks great.

Heres is what I would LIKE to do.
1. Make a group of all the objects in the shelving system, so I can copy it around easily.
2. Easily strech each shelf group to whatever length I want, I can do this by selecting the group, adding a 'edit mesh' from the modifier list, selecting all the vertices at one end, then simply moving the vertices to where I want. Done, looks great but.....
3. The mapping stretches with it also even though I have the material set to tile.
4. So I said, okay, must be the group, no big deal, so I ungrouped the shelf group, did the same thing as above to modify the selction set, no good, did the same thing, stretched the map instead of tiling it.
5. So, now I am pretty upset, so I select just ONE mapped box on one shelf, stretched via it vertices using the inherant 'editable mesh' of the box, and it stretched the map !!! I said this is not possible. I then just clicked on the UUW mapping that is already part of the boxe's modifier set, and voila, it reset the mapping and it tiles the map the length of the shelf. When I say clicked, thats it, just a click, nothing more.
6. This procedure is ridiculous, I have plans to have umteen if not 30 to 40 shelving units (and other similar types of cases) all of different lengths in several projects that I want to do. So as far as I can figure, I would have to select EACH mapped box (which would be 5 per shelf) on each shelving unit I copy up to 40 say, thats insane.

So, my question is, am I missing something very easy, light a switch somewhere to tell it not to stretch the UUW map ? I would love to be able to do it keeping each shelving unit in a group, but even to be able to select all the objects per unit then stretch them at once would be perfectly fine.

Thanks, John H.

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