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Question about exporting/rendering out.

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John Minns
Question about exporting/rendering out.
on Jan 8, 2010 at 9:34:49 pm

Hey guys,

so I just got a quick question about exporting/rendering an animation of 3Ds Max.

I Know it's good practice to export each individual frame out as an image file to avoid corruption if something goes wrong. But I was wondering what to do after this?

I have rendered my scene out to 750 individual PNG files, what software would I use to piece them back together into an AVI/MOV file?

Thanks in advance,

John Minns

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Eric Blevins
Re: Question about exporting/rendering out.
on Jan 8, 2010 at 11:33:14 pm

I use After Effects for this. You could also us Combustion. Practically any editing or compositing software will do. Just make sure that you import it as a sequence and not as a single image.

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Tiago Ribeiro
Re: Question about exporting/rendering out.
on Jan 9, 2010 at 5:38:48 am

you only need to guarantee that your images are sequencially numerated.
i think that you can't have any missing number in the sequence (not completely sure about this, but it's better to avoid that)
compositing software detect that you have a bunch of image files in the same format, same resolution, that start with the same name, and will interpret them as a single "image sequence" file, as long as the sequence number (always at the end of the filename) maintains its growing continuity
if you render the sequence from max you can directly import them into the compositing software, because max keeps the sequence ok. but sometimes you will want to edit an image or two, so when you do that, be sure you don't split the sequence
virtualdub can also import image sequences so you can export them to avi (compressed or uncompressed), that's a good solution if you want just a simple free software to do that

i personally always render to image sequences. first of all, if something goes wrong with windows, or with power line (i don't have an UPS), i won't loose the rendered frames.
second, if for some reason i need to abort the render (for rebooting for example), i can then take it off from where it stopped.
and it's good for inspecting each single frame in search for things that may have went wrong.
and besides that, you can check on your frames as each of them comes out, so if at any moment you detect there is some problem (some interpenetrating geometry, for example), you can stop the render, and set a new instance of max to go on with the render, from some frames ahead of where the problem occured (where you think it should be ok), while you fix it.
this way you can do rendering and checking/fixing it at the same time, thus boosting your productivity, and fighting against "dead hours" while waiting for the render to kick out =)

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Felix Matias
Re: Question about exporting/rendering out.
on Jan 25, 2010 at 12:55:50 am

After you save your images in pgn,jpg or tga
You can enter them in Adobe Premiere
there you can generate your mov file

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