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3DS keeps crashing!

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Tony Tuite3DS keeps crashing!
by on Feb 3, 2009 at 12:39:56 am

I have been working on this scene for a few weeks now, and it is rather complex with lots of elements. I am finally at the point where I am rendering single frames to look for problems. When rendering I get "the application has run out of memory and will now close."

My machine is a Core 2 Duo @ 2.2 GHz with 2 gigs of RAM and an ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro video card.

Two of my 3 servers are set up with backburner, but I have no clue (never needed it) how to use it, and I am not sure that if I do get it working that it will help.

Any ideas?

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mahmoud beboRe: 3DS keeps crashing!
by on Feb 28, 2009 at 1:48:24 am

man i have the same proplem , the 3dmax 2009 keep crashing every time i'm gonig to render m i have more than 2 millions ploys in there

some time it's work some tim its crash and close but it's mybe 1 time from 5 it's open and it's always crash , i'm using v-ray as well as render engin

i don't know where is the proplam ? is it the max not good for big work nad i should move to learn maya or somthing ealse that can hundle my files and my polys

i really need some ansewrs becase i can't render any more with my project.

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Tony TuiteRe: 3DS keeps crashing!
by on Feb 28, 2009 at 4:39:55 am

I don't think it is 3DS in general, because I have gotten away with way more polys in the past. I think it is a problem with the way that 2009 uses system resources, such as multi-core processors & RAM. I want to go back to Max 7, but the plugins I use need 2008 or newer. In the end, I think it boils down to more RAM. If you watch your system resources, namely the RAM graph in task manager, does it spike right before the app crashes? If so, try upping your RAM. I am also wondering if Vista is to blame. I am going to try running Max 2009 on XP and see if it helps, if not my 2 gigs of RAM is the problem.

As far as switching to a different program all together, I would not recommend it. Maya, in my opinion, is not as powerful for modeling as Max is.

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mahmoud beboRe: 3DS keeps crashing!
by on Mar 1, 2009 at 8:47:34 am

i agree with you max is more powerful but the proplems it's make me say that

however , i have
4 gig ram ddr2 800
win xp 32 & 64 bit

the proplame i found is that in 32 bit the windows not givin more than 1.5giga ram to one application in one time so if mybe it's crash for that < and there are the 3 giga switsh i heard a lot of people say it make you work better on 32 bit and give the 3dmax more ram to use

i really now have about 2,990,000 polys in my project that i work on it
but i donload some hotfix to the 3dmax 2009 you can found them at autodesk.com look at the left minue and press "support"

i just new to 3dmax2009 virsion i was alwys use 3dmax2008 and i didn't have any proplame there befor like this < but i also didn't have any project or sence that have my carent no. of poys

so what i'm going to do now is i will try to work on xp 64bit but using 3dsmax 2008 this time and i will tell you what happin

but i'm not using vista , i see people talking every where about crashing on vista but there are some fix also to theat

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Woody EnglandRe: 3DS keeps crashing!
by on Oct 16, 2009 at 5:25:18 pm

One major thing you can do ANYTIME ANY version of MAX starts crashing on a scene is:

open a fresh copy of MAX, and MERGE youe entire scene, this RE-ORDERS all the internal elements in an logical manner (your scene is created piece by piece asyou make edits, over time it is loosely analogous to a hard drive being fragmented, your scene is "all over the place" on the inside because of the order you (everyone,...) does things, when you remerge, MAX automatically gets all "these" things first and puts them tofetger, then get "that hierarchy" and pulls it in in one spots 'in' the MAX file... It's hard to explain why it works but it generallt does. I have had EVERY SINGLE LARGE MAX scene for 12 years eventually get to the point of crashing. NOT ONCE has re-merging my scene in NOT solved the problem. It has worked every time,.. My feeling is it "RE-ORDERS" the elements in the MAX file that are linked or connected (or a models modiriers etc) and puts everything where/how MAX likes it best for accesing and displaying etc,... GOOD LUCK!!


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