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Boujou camera export / 3DS out of sync problem

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Roel Tyson
Boujou camera export / 3DS out of sync problem
on Oct 22, 2008 at 1:48:35 pm

Hey folks,

I'm struggling with a very annoying problem. I'm trying to learn the tricks of camera tracking (in Boujou v4) and exporting it to 3Ds Max (v9) .. My tracking works out just fine in Boujou (the test object renders and positiions in perfect sync with the footage, so all okay uo to that point. Now, when I've imported the camera sequence into Max and do all the stuff the online tutorials tell me to, I end up with the footage in the viewport background and my 3d testobject (in this case some 3d text) set up all correct in the scene.. Now when I test this in Max itself (so without rendering) it works out just fine and the 3d scene seems to align and sync perfectly with the footage.. The problem arrises when I reder the scene (with the footage set right the environment map).. It wobbles like I don't no what.. ! It's completely out of sync..

Now, I'm pretty sure I've set the right frame rate both for Boujou and for Max so I'm pretty sure that's not the problem.. The video footage is suitable as well (since it's the tga sequence that come with the Boujou tutorials).. But still.. I can't get it to sync correctly in the render output.. I'm trying to fix this for DAYS now but I'm getting pretty hopeless here.. I feel like a complete noob (wich in fact I am on thos subject) because other guys seem to get it.. But I just don't get it!!!..

I've included the Boujou Project file, the Camera export and the Max file (as well as the tga sequence) to see if some of you outhere can detect what the h*ll I'm doing wrong here.. I would definitely appreciate any help because this issue is causing me some serieus short of sleep..

Also, I found out that this could have to do with Aperture settings, but I'm guessing I set up evrything just the way I should :(

Film back:
Width: 0,79213 (inches, in mm it's = 20.12)
Height: 0.59409 (inches, in mm it's = 15,09)
Pixel aspect: 1.0667
Frame rate: 25
Ratio: 1,25
Resolution: 720x576 pixels

Max Render settings:
Width: 720
Height: 576
Aperture width (mm) : 20,12
Image Aspect: 1,334
Pixel aspect: 1,067

Hope someone's out there who'll be able to help me :)
Thanks all you kind folks for any suggestions / advice!


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jawad ali
Re: Boujou camera export / 3DS out of sync problem
on Jun 4, 2010 at 9:32:26 am

did u get ur answer im facing same prob
plz can u help me if u knw abut any thing

hai this tutrioal is not working?

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Simeon in 't Veld
Re: Boujou camera export / 3DS out of sync problem
on Nov 13, 2012 at 4:23:19 pm

I'm having the same problem. do you know how to fixit yet???

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