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render flicker

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render flicker
on Apr 24, 2008 at 1:38:50 pm

hi folks, got a q for ya.
When making built environments (in 3d max), frequently made up of repeating linear stripes of metal close together. When these are rendered out in animation they 'flicker'.

same happens with white line road markings in scenes, which will flicker as the camera passes through the scene.

and with brick textures, that seem to 'move' over the walls when rendered out as animation.

does anyone know any way to stop this happening?

much apprec.

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Woody England
Re: render flicker
on Oct 3, 2009 at 12:56:23 am


This can happen for a number of reasons.

1st thing to try if this seems like a MATERIAL problem: In the Diffuse Map Slot (& usually spec / bump maps rollouts too) of any Materials associated with the flicker (your 'White Line on Highway' Material for instance) ---> CHECK the "Summed Area" checkbox (instead of "triangulated")

this will change how your material is intrepreted by the Camera View when the Material (on the object) is at rectilinear angles to the Camera's POV (which is of course, most of the time...)

2nd Thing to try (usually both are relavant in order to 'fine tune any good scene) if this seems more like a GEOMETRY Problem (also due to rectilinear angles relative to camera pov) is to soften the anti-aliasing upon render (this is in the renter setup panel) it defaults to 'area' @ 1.5 try increasing to 2 or 3, OR if your output is TELEVISION - Swap from the Area antialias to the 'VIDEO' this Softens your render quite a bit but it moves BEAUTIFULLY with no flicker. maybe just use this (in combination with motion blur) on all (and Only) Shots where the Camera is moving a lot (where motion blur would be active anyways) then your SOURCE render TGA files (or whatever you use) for those sections, have no flicker, no noticible 'softness problems and your sharp beautiful stills stay intact. I would even go to the point of using this filter whenever the camera is moving (with motion blur on) and then the second (the FRAME atually) the camera stops, Render from that point with a sharper filter like AREA @ 1.0 or even (my favorite) 'Catmull Rom' which has Edge Enhnacement along with extreme detail rendition. With this (my invented) technique, you can have the absolute best of both worlds and the utmost of control at the same time,...

Good Luck!!



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