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creating space mist

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Video Fx Universecreating space mist
by on Jan 13, 2008 at 7:11:45 pm

I am in the process of doing an educational video on our solar system. It is going to be very in depth full of scientific fact on all of our planets. Most of the video is in space (obviously) now I have modelled some excellent planets with great texture maps found online for each planet. Now I am using the videopost starfield for the background. Yet rather than have it completely black I want to have some purple hazy mist that moves when the camera rotates. I have heard you can do this with the atmospheric effects yet I am having problems getting the correct settings for this. So can anyone tell me or show a picture of the correct settings to have space mist that does not completely cover the whole background but misty in some parts Something like this pic to be more accurate


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che broadnaxRe: creating space mist
by on Feb 18, 2008 at 8:47:28 am

Hey, if you want to use the environment and atmospheric effects to create some sort of fog, that's one way to go. The super easy way, however is to create a big ol' sphere surrounding your whole scene.

Next, create a new material. Select the diffuse map of the material and choose the Smoke type. In the Smoke Parameters: For your dark color you can use pure black or an almost black blue, and for the second color, choose something appropriately purple-y.

Size is tricky. This depends on how big your sphere is. I've had scenes were I had to set size for 40, and scenes where I set it to 300,000. Phase you can leave at 0, since you're not gonna want to animate your galactic dust clouds, not in OUR solar system at least. Iterations will define how non-poofy your clouds are. If you want something that is very subtle, go for a lower number, if you want more contrast and detail, a higher number. Exponent seems to define the contrast between the two colors. A higher number has made my second, brighter color less noticeable. 1.5 is working for what I'm doing, but my space clouds are less detailed than the ones in your example image.

Oh! Make sure you set this material to be 2-sided, so that you can see through it. You may also want to crank your self-illumination all the way up on this bad boy.

Meanwhile, if you wanna go all out, you can check out this AWESOME tutorial:

Warning: the further you go with this tutorial, the more the render times will make you frustrated.

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Video Fx UniverseRe: creating space mist
by on Mar 3, 2008 at 12:18:07 am

Thanks very much i got it working and it looks very very good, however I cant seem to get stars to work with this. I tried video post starfield and also multi/sub object but it seems i can only have either one or the other, how can i get both the space mist and stars together?

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