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How to apply registration numbers to ships

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Video FX UniverseHow to apply registration numbers to ships
by on Dec 2, 2007 at 9:33:33 am

I need some help. How do i apply text to a spaceship to give it a registration number, apart from using the text tool? I have seen it on downloaded models. Also how is the best way to add an insignia as well, i tried this and it covered the whole ship and the uvw unwreap tool didnt help. I need a step by step guide for each if pos please

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Video FX UniverseRe: How to apply registration numbers to ships
by on Dec 3, 2007 at 10:07:15 pm

I sorted the text problem, the answer was kind of staring me in the face, but i am still having problems applying insignias to ships. Someone told me something about having a normal image and an apha image and then mixing them together in sub objects with the materials editor. Not sure how to do this

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samuel01Re: How to apply registration numbers to ships
by on Dec 18, 2007 at 6:23:43 pm

in the material editor use the "mask compositor map". Drop it in the diffuse channel. Inside the mask compositor you have two channel :
#1 is for the color of your text
#2 is for the mask

in the channel #1 use a procedural map ( eg:checker)set the 2 color to match your need

for the channel #2 you need to create the mask in black and white with photoshop (white=opaque, black = transparent)

To applied this mask use the "uvw Mapping" modifier.
Set the gizmo to the exact location and dimension of your text. In the Material Editor uncheck tile, then applied the material to your ship.

If you need to apply multiple text on the same object, you could use the "Composite" operator in the material editor.

then You need to add a new "uvw Mapping" modifier (1 "uvw Mapping" modifier for 1 txt) and change map channel both in the "uvw Mapping" modifier and in the material editor, so that they have the same number

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