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Subsea Scene

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Subsea Scene
on Nov 12, 2007 at 3:16:02 pm

I need to create a very nice underwater environment for a project. I'd have seen it done in some great shows I've watched on TV involving the offshore platform and drilling industry.

This also for that same industry. When I plunge under water, I will be looking up at the ship/platform and seeing those items (and the sky) through the undulating water as well as shafts of light penetrating a few feet below the surface and fading out.

The water goes dark with depth and horizontally, fades to oblivion. I have to show a deep well scenario, though of course the actualy depth will fall far short of realism, but the effect is there is extreme depth.

I will have a shot where I have to see the entire production from top to bottom, to show how currents twist the riser in a surpentine fashion, and I will also be flying around close up to the components near the surface, along the riser and on the sea floor at the wellhead and BOP.

I would like these shots to seem as if you are in a submersible or looking though an ROV camera (without actually have one modeled, i.e. no mecanical arms poking into view) by seeing a couple of headlights piercing the darkness and some particles drifting in the water volumn to give it substance and the audience a sense of motion.

The light shafts, overall ramping of water with depth and distance and headlights with particles in the water are the main environmental "quality" features I would like to master.
My above water scene is prett good already, though I would like to add the fading off the riser with depth in the water and a better sea/sky horizon interface (haziness?).

There many ways to fake something, but I would like to proceed in a manner which affords the best look, most efficient process, latitude in motion and scene scale.

Something tells me I will have to forego the Scanline renderer. Anyhow, advice form my piers would be most appreciated. Thank you!

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