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on Nov 8, 2007 at 1:22:52 am

Hey everyone,

My friend is trying to add an engine glow to a spaceship model and can't figure out how. We want to do it is 3ds max so it saves us the time in after effects. He is a novice max user and I don't use it at all. Just wondering if anyone can either quickly tell me how to create the glow and link it to the ship or post a tutorial on how to do it b/c I cant find one.

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video fx universe
Re: glow?
on Nov 8, 2007 at 6:07:00 pm

this is easier than you think. you just have to mess around with a few settings and its all sorted.

1. first off, you have your engine exhaut/s create an omni light and place it on or slightly inside your exhaust.

2. select the onmi light and click modify. click the exclude button and move every object into the right hand side to exclude everything, otherwise the omni light will light out your objects.

3. open up the atmospherics and effects tab (its in the modify panel)
click add and select lens effects. when it appears in the box highlight it and click set up

4. when the effects box appears you should see glow in the left hand window, move it in the right hand window.

5. highlight it and then scroll down to the bottom. Click on the left hand radial color box and select the color you want. make sure glow behind is not selected then scroll up and click on update scene. this will give you a preview of it. if its too big or too small you can change this by scrolling down and change the intensity and the size to suit your scene.

its that easy.

if you have multiple exhausts. clone the first omni light after you have done all of the above, move the cloned omni lights into the remaining exhausts, click on the atmospherics and effects, you will see the lens effects have been cloned too, and just click on update scene with each omni light to activate. Simple as that

However you will now need to add a spotlight or whatever to your ship because as you have excluded everything, it will render everything in black. so light your ship or object as needed and you will have it now with engine glow

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Video FX Universe
Re: glow?
on Nov 12, 2007 at 10:07:17 am

I forgot to mention that after you have created all your glows. Dont forget to group the omni lights to the engine exhausts using the link tool at the top, otherwise your ship will fly away leaving the glow behind

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