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a few things i need help with

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video fx universe
a few things i need help with
on Aug 20, 2007 at 9:53:43 am

Right ok, here it is. I got hold of 3d studio max 8 last year, had a play around with it and got so confused i binned it. Basically I wanted to create a star wars space fight like from the films. I downloaded a lot of the scifi3d.com models and imported them fine. However i started using bryce and found it so much easier to use and it could do everything i wanted it to, however the rendering times could go on for like 24 hours just for a 6 second video. So with what i learnt with bryce i went back to 3ds 8 to try again.

I figured out a lot more now and using bryce helped a lot, however there are a few things i need help with.

1. How the hell do i get a starfield to work? I imported a starfield image as a background, yet when the camera moves, the starfield stays still and does not react to the camera.Its kind of hard to explain this but the background does not move with the camera or the moving object.

2. I can't seem to get the motion blur on my animated ships to work. I don't know what i am doing wrong, but i have it accepted in a couple of the options but it does not apply to the object when it is in motion

3. How do i change a particular color on an object? This is confusing me, because i have downloaded a "Star Destroyer" model and for some reason a small part of the ship is colored red. And I cant seem to change this color from red to the ships default grey.

These are the only problems i am really having now, and i got really tired sitting at my pc for most of the night fiddling with options and stuff and not getting the answers.

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Re: a few things i need help with
on Aug 21, 2007 at 7:46:55 am

1)- create a sphere which include all your animation;
- assign a "normal" modifier, check "flip normal";
- assign your starfield map to the sphere.

if the map seem distorded at the top of the sphere, modify it in photoshop (or other) with a polar coordinate filter.

2) Motion blur
- right click on the ship;
- On "motion blur" panel check "enabled" if necessary (checked by default);
- Check "image" or "object" depend on what you need ("image" render faster than "object" but is less precise);
- In the "render scene" panel, do not forget to check "apply" in the "image motion blur" and "object motion blur".

And of course, as you guess it, you need animation to obtain motion blur !!!!

3) As I do not have the ship, it's difficults to answer such a question.
To change a color :
- go to your "material editor" panel;
- select the material apply to your ship;
- deploy the "blinn basic parameter" (or "metal basic paramter" depend on the shader selected);
- click on the colored square named "diffuse" and change the color.

But the material of your ship is probably a multi/sub-object one. So you have to find which material is implied. Also it may be a map and not the "diffuse" color which have the red flash.
There are plenty of reason to have small red part :
- light;
- the output settings of a map;
- raytrace settings;
just to say you to see beyond the diffuse color to solve the problem

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