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How would I make a Parachute in 3ds max9??

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ivon smith
How would I make a Parachute in 3ds max9??
on Mar 3, 2007 at 6:57:44 am

How would I make a Parachute in 3ds max9??
thats the question of the day. I try combining reactor Rigid, Cloth & Rope (with vertext constraints) bodies with reactor Wind in the scene in a way I THINK it sshould work but it keeps compaining the chute (Cloth) is not part of a colllection???

SO I got nowhere...does anyone know if this should work??? So the weight pulls down on the ropes, which are attached to the chute corner, and the air resistance / WWind force help billow-up the chute to slow the rigid objects decent...thats what Im looking for anyway!

Any idead???

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Tom Juliano
Re: How would I make a Parachute in 3ds max9??
on Mar 3, 2007 at 9:47:28 am

Ok first of all, did you add the "Reactor Cloth" Mod to your (chute's) modifier stack? You need that applied to the mesh in order for Reactor to recognize it as part of the collection.

Then add a Cloth Collection to the scene, and in the Roll-out, assign your chute to it. I know you mentioned Vertex Constraints so I presume you know the basics of Reactor. One way to constrain certain vertices in the object stack is to pre-select your vertices in the chute mesh that are "NOT" to be controlled by the ropes before assigning the Reactor Cloth Modifier to the stack.

By Sub-Selecting all of your vertices in your mesh EXCEPT for the ones you want attached to the ropes will tell Reactor not to control the NON SELECTED verts. (i.e. for the sake of argument, do not select the four corners of your mesh).

However, in your case this may not be what you want, because then the anchored ropes that are attached to the four corners may be too static for your scene.

Something tells me though, you forgot to assign the Reactor Cloth Modifier or forgot to add your Chute mesh to your Cloth Collection...

Hope that helps,

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