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Question about hdri/compositing technique I've seen...

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Question about hdri/compositing technique I've seen...
on Oct 7, 2006 at 8:53:15 pm

So I'm a lightwave guy, but I've seen some renders from what I think is Max, of the usual 3d car composited with a real photo background. Thing is lately I've seen backdrop images that I know are common HDRI's! Of course I know its common to use HDRI's as lighting/reflection, but I don't understand how guys are taking these spherical/probe maps and using them as the actual composited background. I know in the typical usage of HDRI's if you were to make it visible to the camera the perspective is distorted and terribly zoomed because of the spherical mapping around the scene, at least in lightwave. Is some company making HDRI's with regular camera shots in addition, or is there a trick to taking an HDRI probe/map, putting your objects "in" it, and using it as an actual background with a usable perspective? I have Dosch's super hi-res 6k maps, which have the resolution to be more than lighting sources, but again I don't know how you would use them as backdrops?? I hope I'm getting across what I mean. I really don't know how this is done!


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Re: Question about hdri/compositing technique I've seen...
on Dec 28, 2006 at 2:24:42 pm


I'm fairly new to 3D and HDRI, and havent used the techniques properly yet.

Firstly, I dont understand what a sphere/probe map is? Do you mean like a reflection map in Max, that is an ordinary image (8 bit or HDRI) that you set as a material's reflection channel, which will then appear to distort around your object surface as if that image was reflecting onto it?

As my understading goes, If you were to take a HDRI image (ordinary scene straight from camera, no 'sphering'), and then place an object into the scene, you could re-use the HDRI background in the reflection channel aswell.

This would result in the reflections on your 3D model, say a car, correlating to the background image, making it more realistic.

For example, taking a chrome sphere, placing it over a background image with a house in it, and then getting the distorted reflection of that same house in the 3d sphere.

I plan to use a similar technique in my next student project, but instead of using HDRI stills I will use a video background.

The shot is a car scene, with the camera in the car looking at the driver. I plan to shoot the car in a studio with green screen against the glass windows, and then composite a moving background in later. I plan to take this video background, re-make the car's glass windows in 3D and use my video as a reflection map across the glass.
--Comments anyone? this is all new to me, but extremely cool :)

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