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Graphic Card. FX vs Quadro

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Graphic Card. FX vs Quadro
on Jun 15, 2006 at 11:37:31 am


i have a litle problem. im about to buy a new computer but i cant decide wich graphiccard to choose.

im mainly working in programs like:

3D stdio.
Hammer (valve gamecreation)
Vegas Video
After Effects
Adobe Premiere.

What my main choices are is "Nvidia" and right now working on a nvidia Fx5900, 256MB. Wich has worked, but not so well in video editing etc. Now im thinking if i should buy 2 of SLI nvida 5900 with 512mb each and connect em toghether. OR if i should go for a Quadro card instead. although the quadro card with 512MB is way to expensive and therefore i have to go with a 256mb and thats what kinda bugging me. But on second hand they say that they are specially made for CAD etc so thats maby alot then. im really lost here and any help is apriciated.?

I can also say that i still need to be able to get my daily 1hour infront of Half-Life2 and i dont know if quadro would fix that??

as i sayd im really stumbeling here as i have only tested Nvidia FX cards before. and any help is really apriciated, maby there are other cards.

although.. ATI cards is a big NONO for me,

and thnx in advance.

/Rickard Fourt

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Re: Graphic Card. FX vs Quadro
on Jun 15, 2006 at 3:12:45 pm

A debate that has long vexed me, but here's my experiences, when I worked in games (a few years ago now) I had a top of the range Quadro 4, at home a GeForce Ti4600, both 128mb. No difference, at all. I'm currently using a Quadro FX 1400 on my WOrkstation and a Radeon 9700 Mobility on my laptop. Ok the Quadro si slightly faster, but not markedly and the Radeon seems to do all the Quadro does. Personally I always think that a good game card is just as good as a Quadro and much better value. Also Quadro's suck at games.

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Simon Carlson-Thies
Re: Graphic Card. FX vs Quadro
on Jun 16, 2006 at 5:02:09 pm

Ok out of the things you listed there the only thing that the graphics card will help you with is editor refresh rates, you'd be better off buying more ram then paying alot of money for a top end graphics card. I would no recommend SLI unless you plan to do alot of gaming and even then I wouldn't... The issue is that gaming is going the way of the console... and will continue to do so... best bet buy a console for gaming XBox360, PS3... and then get a quadro for your computer and invest in maxing out your ram...

But thats my opinion...

Simon Carlson-Thies

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