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Geometry heavy imports...

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Geometry heavy imports...
on Apr 22, 2006 at 9:25:42 am

Hi there

Ok here's the spiel:

Does anyone have a good workflow for importing substantial 50mb+ autoCAD .dwg's etc and not wading through glue once they're in. Got to get some simple walkthrough's animated for a few interior designs, and I'm having real trouble managing the massive amounts of geometry. Is there another way to manage big scenes, with good responsive interactivity that will let me preview my walkthrough's so I'm not wading in treacle?

...I come from motion gfx design, so I'm not so used to this type of content.

I've hidden alot of objects, but there are hundreds... that doesn't seem practical.
I've reduced the display by 'nth's, to the point I can't really see - can't find a suitable middle middle ground.
I've turned off some layers, but that only obscures some objects that I need and others I don't.

I don't suppose there's something which magically hides all objects that the camera can't see, so the scene is much easier to navigate?

Any help much appreciated.


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Re: Geometry heavy imports...
on May 31, 2006 at 1:55:52 am

Yeah Cad can really dump out some killer sized files....

Ive done a few projects using some huge cad files and was having massive headaches and near keyboard tossing fits. Cad has a similar layer system to max but from what I gather every new creation in cad creates a new layer Im not positive on this,but on the stuff I was working with I had the original file cut down by taking out the things I didnt need to use in Max making for a more user friendly session.
Also if the file isnt crashing or locking up max for you ....can you just turn off some of those layers yourself once youve opened the file?

Dont know if this was of any help but Im sort of dead from work today and most likely not thinking with greatness lol.

Great souls have will,,,weak ones have wishes.

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