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Newbie needs real help - rigging desk lamp

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Bobby Boy
Newbie needs real help - rigging desk lamp
on Apr 18, 2006 at 6:15:54 pm

I'm very new to 3ds max. Adobe After Effects is more my scene, but a particular project I've taken on requires 3d modelling of an anglepoise desk lamp (see http://www.robertschofieldaudio.co.uk/ebay/anglepoise1.jpg and http://www.robertschofieldaudio.co.uk/ebay/anglepoise2.jpg) to be integrated into a video scene I've already shot.

I've just about finished modelling the lamp (http://www.robertschofieldaudio.co.uk/ebay/anglepoise3.max) using Max 6, but I've really no idea about rigging it so that all the joints work correctly. The lower legs are a parallelogram style thing, supported at the bottom by three springs. Two of these springs are missing from the model at this stage.

I just need the 'legs' of the thing to move properly when I move the nuts that support the head of the lamp around. The head can also rotate separately around a pivot at these nuts. If anyone can offer advice on how to rig this thing up, or point me in the direction of a tutorial which borders on this, I'd really appreciate it.... I'm so out of my depth here!

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Steve Whiteley
Re: Newbie needs real help - rigging desk lamp
on May 25, 2006 at 12:42:20 pm

Hi Bobbyboy,

I presume this is a student project ('my university shite' folder :) otherwise I'd suggest not to get into something way over your head, as you say, until you've learnt the methods.

Basically this requires mastery of linking and using look at controllers (look these up in the help).

I've had a quick go (only quick, so not sorted) see: http://www.spriteley.go-plus.net/Lamp.zip

I'd recommend doing a tutorial on linking and look at controllers (not done the tuts with max for many a year but there should be some on this) then applying it to this case. You need to work out how it'll move and where each piece should pivot, move its pivot point (use align tool) etc etc.

BTW, I really would recommend not using groups at all, especially groups within groups within groups! When you come to animate, things can go screwy. Also, if you have a nut and bolt that will never move etc, why group? Just attach them all together....it's good scene management - when you get to complex scenes it saves having millions of nested objects.

Good luck!

Steve whiteley
Animation Director
Gizmo Animation Limited


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Re: Newbie needs real help - rigging desk lamp
on May 31, 2006 at 2:04:05 am

Theres some good tutorials right inside of max that should help ya..
Just go to help and click on tutorials and go to the animation section.

Great souls have will,,,weak ones have wishes.

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