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having a terrible time trying to map and unwrap something

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having a terrible time trying to map and unwrap something
on Nov 11, 2005 at 6:28:58 am

I'm very new to 3d, I'm trying to complete the "Creating a Fighter Ship in 3ds Max" video training DVD from 3d total and I'm completely stuck trying to map and unwrap this thing. I am so confused about my modifier stack when trying to map and unwrap, because regardless of how I follow the directions on the video exactly, I get different behavior. I understand that to map and unwrap something, you must first make a polygon subobject selection and apply a planar UVW map, align it, fit it with checker...etc..., then apply the UVW unwrap and position the group somewhere else so you can rejoin it with other faces later. This part works fine. Its when I try to do more faces that I get wierd behavior. Am I supposed to collapse my modifier stack at this point and make another polygon subobject selection and do the same process? I have tried this and find that in my unwrap UVW edit window, the polygons I mapped and unwrapped first are not there. I have also tried applying an edit mesh modifier, making the subobject selection and continuing as usual, but when I apply the unwrap UVW modifier, the polygons I first mapped revert back to their twisted-up unmapped state... Is there a step or an option or something that I don't know about. This DVD tutorial spends the least amount of time explaining mapping and unwrapping, but that is what I'm most confused about. There don't seem to be many tutorials on it either, for complex objects with many faces. I have completed the basic map, unwrap tutorials out there and understand the process, but can't seem to get it all to behave like it seems to on this video tutorial. If anyone has any help, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Re: having a terrible time trying to map and unwrap something
on Nov 16, 2005 at 10:25:29 pm

Please note that in the unwrap UVW dialog there is a box named Channel:
This will allow you to apply multiple unwrap UVW modifiers in the same stack, giving each one a different map channel. Then it is possible to map different subobjects using the different map channels. I hope this clarifys things a little.

Good luck with Max.

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