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Rope Animation

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shunryusuzukiRope Animation
by on Nov 3, 2005 at 11:55:03 am

I need some help, I'm really new to 3dsmax and have a small work to do with... I have to make a small clip with a rope turning around a heart.

I just learned things about reactor rope, rigid bodies collection and rope collection.... I made my scene with a simple rope attached to a simple sphere.... a this point everything is ok (the rope still attached to the sphere and move like a "real" rope) but when I try to move(anim) the sphere the rope does'nt follow....

I hope you understand my problem with my crappy english and you have some ideas to help me.

I've to finish this job very soon so this quite URGENT.

Thanks a lot.

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Tom JRe: Rope Animation
by on Nov 4, 2005 at 4:04:18 am

With the rope did you link it to the sphere? The default location for the tool is in the top left corner of your interface. It looks like a chain with two small boxes. At least that is what my brain is telling me right now.

By linking the two objects together you essentially parent the rope to the sphere or vise-versa and when you animate the objects they should follow eachother.

I hope I understood you correctly.


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shunryusuzukiRe: Rope Animation
by on Nov 4, 2005 at 2:11:17 pm

I can't link the helix qith the sphere.... ("cannot link: would create dependency loop"). I'm not sure what that mean....

But thank you... maibee I'll find whats wrong...

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Tom JRe: Rope Animation
by on Nov 4, 2005 at 8:46:22 pm

You didn't try to use the "bind to space warp" tool instead did you? For what you describe or at least from what I understand, I can't say that I have ever seen that error before for something like this.

To see if I understand you correctly in what you are trying to do, here is a quick test that you can try out.

Place a sphere in the center (top viewport), then create a helix path (extended primatives) in the center as well to fit just around the outside of your sphere. Then adjust the parameters to your liking. After that, convert the path to an editable spline.

Now create a "tube" in the center with these or similar settings:

Inner radius: 4
Outer radius: 5 or 6
Height of about 250 (depending upon the length of your helix path)
Sides: 18 to 24 for smoother look
Height segments: about 12

Now goto the modifier stack for the tube and select "Path deform (WSM)" under world space modifiers near the top of the list. Then pick your helix path. The tube should bind itself to the path and appear to wrap around the sphere. Adjust the settings if you have to like "move to path" and the x,y or z for direction.

Then use the select and link tool like I mentioned, but make sure that you select the objects and link them individually, the helix path to the sphere, then the tube to the sphere. If you don't, when you animate the sphere's position, the path or the tube will drift away. Now animate the sphere as you wish across the scene, then go and animate the "tube" (not the path) by animating the percentage in the Path Deform WSM modifier rollout. The percentage is the position of the tube in reference to the chosen path.

You should see the sphere moving with the tube attached animating on its own independently from the sphere.

There are other ways to go about this, but for now that should get you in the right direction.

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