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Vray? or a general HDRI map? render report - map locked, not loading?

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Tom JVray? or a general HDRI map? render report - map locked, not loading?
by on Aug 5, 2005 at 5:18:57 am

One of my files is suddenly not allowing an HDRI map to load during rendering. I have a scene of some experimental shaders and in one version of the file the HDRI environment map loads and renders fine. But in another version with less objects in the scene the Vray dialog is reporting that the HDRI map is locked and not loading?

I was curious if there was an obvious setting that I somehow changed or overlooked? Again I rendering with Vray, but perhaps it's a general Max rendering question. Any ideas folks, thanks...

Quick File spec:
1. Vray v.1 (I believe anyhow, I am on my laptop and not in front of the machine that has Vray at the moment)
** 2. Both files have the HDRI Map loaded into a Material channel and not the environment channel. - Reflect / Mix channel #1, multiplier 1.0, Type: Spherical

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Greg LaCleRe: Vray? or a general HDRI map? render report - map locked, not loading?
by on Aug 5, 2005 at 6:01:22 pm

had this happened many times, but the HDRI map was working cause if I tried rendering without it, the GI would be different, meaning that regardless of that message, the HDRI was working. I have never managed to understand why this message was appearing.

tomorrow night I'm going to meeting a few advance vray users at a gathering in Miami, and I will be asking this question since its been a mistery to me as well. Please do me a favor and try this out.
Create a simple scene, with a plane(as ground plane) and a sphere.
Apply HDRI for environmental GI map and render, then try this without the HDRI map and compare the messages and check the results.
Report back with your settings.

I will be back on sunday with more info on this subject. I'm going to try to solve this mistery this time.


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Tom JRe: Vray? or a general HDRI map? render report - map locked, not loading?
by on Aug 5, 2005 at 8:21:11 pm

hey thanks for touching base. I wanted to be at Siggraph this year so bad and I was going to ask all sorts of good questions regarding Vray and things like Light absorption or sub surface scatter.

Anyhow, I will do what you ask here shortly I have a meeting to goto (2pm PST). I'm curious, you mention "Apply HDRI for environmental GI map". You do mean the Overide channel right and not inside Max's environment or do you mean both?

Plus from what I gather after searching online last night. It is an oldie but a goodie, however the references I found refer to the HDRI Map being already in memory and that is why the warning is generated. But that seems rather odd because in one file the HDRI map runs fine and the other file it doesn't even after a fresh system boot. Heck I even switched Ram modules and still got the warning on the one file. It's like some odd setting is causing the mystery.

Alright I am outta here, but will be back shortly to try your test.


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Tom JRe: Vray? or a general HDRI map?
by on Aug 6, 2005 at 8:55:46 am

Ok here is what I got, sorry I couldn't get back sooner. Had to finish up some things. I'll describe a little more in detail for those who may want to follow along here, so let me apologize now for the boring "chit-chat" you are about to endure. :>) There are image links of the renderings to go along.

Anyhow, just for kicks (I was curious what the standard VRayHDRI would do by itself), I applied the VRayHDRI Map into the GI env. slot and rendered out a simple scene with no lights. Then also rendered the scene with one Omni light (Vray shadows turned on, type: inverse sq., decay: 140 based on distance relationship to the sphere) and no warnings or errors.


So I then changed the settings in the renderer for A. SubDv (-3,1) and IR Map (-3,1) and the rendering was overall quicker and the lighting now changed because of the Max Override switch and as a result I got the "ink-n-paint" look on the sphere.


Note: I maybe missing something here, but if you load VRayHDRI into the GI Environment channel it does not allow you to select an actual map or file as if you were to add VRayHDRI in your material editor. More on what I found specific to this mystery error and how it relates to the Material editor below.

I then added an actual (.hdr) file (from: http://projects.ict.usc.edu/graphics/HDRShop/) into the GI channel, and the scene noticeably changed (lighting reduced intensity by about 10-20 percent). But the file rendered fine, no errors or warnings.


Next I "instanced" the HDRI map from the GI channel to Max's environment just for grins and no errors or warnings, just transparency through my plane and sphere objects. I later removed it from the Max environment channel.


Ok -whew! Getting close now almost there. For the Material editor, I created a default VRayMtl and instanced the GI Environment map into the Environment channel of the Material and changed it to a "spherical" map. Rendered with no huge changes other than the sphere changing color and the scene intensity adjusted slightly.


I then changed the material to a reflective property and used the map as above.


I removed the GI Map above from the Material Environment channel and this is the result.


Ok now here is the kicker from what I found. After removing the GI Env HDRI map from the Material environment, I used a VRayHDRI in the Reflect channel and chose the HDRI Map from previous directly, and turned off the GI Env map.

This is where I received our illustrious mystery warning for the first time during these tests. And mind you, it doesn't matter if the scene is new, fresh system boot, or different HDRI Map altogether that was never used previously. The only repeating connection on my end is the VRayHDRI Material.


But I get no errors or warnings if I instance the GI Env HDRI map back into the material only this time into the Reflect channel. I do get some odd artifacting from the HDR file though.


So in the end, is it the version that we are using (old v1.09.03) that is giving me the warnings? Or is it still a bug and perhaps is it related to my findings with the VRayHDRI Material itself?

Anyhow, I hope I didn't put you to sleep after this. Let me know what you come up with.

Thanks for tagging along here,

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Tom JRe: Vray? or a general HDRI map?
by on Aug 12, 2005 at 5:34:16 pm

Hi Greg,
did you ever find an answer from some of your colleagues about this VRay error?


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Greg LaCleRe: Vray? or a general HDRI map?
by on Aug 16, 2005 at 2:59:23 pm


I'm currently on a few deadline here, I will be able to experiment with it this weekend. Just got back from my vacation and just read your post now.
Sorry for the delay in response. I will get back to you this weekend, after I try your experiments and mines.



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Tom JRe: Vray? or a general HDRI map?
by on Aug 17, 2005 at 8:41:27 pm

Hey cool no worries mate, thanks for replying.
I can send you an email to talk about it that way if you'd like. Or we can stay here to support all who may be interested. I'll leave that to you to decide.

Thanks again,

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