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PC specs for 3ds max

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PC specs for 3ds max
on Aug 2, 2005 at 12:48:58 pm

I want to get a new note book pc ,which will run 3ds max to make medical animations [ chest wall movement, 3d hearts beating with blood flow etc etc...

Can any one tell me what the best specs are?

ie. will a centrino be ok, or is an athlon turion better?

What kind of Graphics card is suitable? Would a card with 64 Mb of dedicated graphics be ok

Does the Hard drive speed matter? Or is it only the amount of ram that counts?

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Greg LaCle
Re: PC specs for 3ds max
on Aug 2, 2005 at 3:05:55 pm

considering a laptop for 3dsmax use:
- should have a best wide screen(17" would be ideal), but won't affect software speed, only physical speed, widerscreen would allow you to see things faster, and less zooming in and out.
- a good videocard is also necesarry but if considering the priority, as
1 being less priority and 10 maximum priority, then video card is at number "3".

- Processor speed, Priority "2", get a good processor, but getting the latest processor on the market will run you expensive, I always advice get the best Bang for the buck, so don't get the latest, but the one right underneath it.

- RAM(random Access Memory), this is Priority number one, no matter what processor you get, make sure you don't go low on this, minimum 1 gig of ram. Priority "1"

Also be aware, if you have a very fast processor, and you don't have enough RAM, when running out of RAM, your computer will need to make actual hardrive space, into virtual memory, which is very very slow, so in this case scenario, your computer will undergo a Bottleneck effect, meaning your processor has the capabilities to run fast, but its being limited by the RAM, and needs to wait on the virtual memory due to lack of RAM.

Same thing happens with videocard issues, your videocard is only important when viewing and working on the computer, but if you don't mind working alot without textures in realtime, then get the best bang for the buck. Your videocard is not important for rendering speed, but only when you're currently working with the model on your screeen.

I would prefer a normal decent card, and getting more RAM. I think 2 Gigabyte of RAM would be nice to have.

About processors brands, its a tough choice, I'm not aware which one is faster currently, but I think Tom's hardware has benchmarks of them regularly and even benchmarks comparing renderings on various software and processors.


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Re: PC specs for 3ds max
on Aug 9, 2005 at 1:58:59 pm

Hi Joseph,

If this would be of any help to you. I use MAX 7 on a compaq 1.7 GHZ, Centrino notebook, 15" Widescreen, 512 mb ram, 2mb line 2 cache, dvd cdrw combo, 60 gb scsi drive. Let me know if you want more info.

Now about the performance. Id say it would work fine. I get amazing renders with mental ray, V ray and the works. Theres nothing in max that it hasnt handled. It hasnt really hanged up in max except for once when i gave radiosity subdivisions that wud make a desktop freeze. My lappy froze. LOL. Come on that wud subdivide the raidosity mesh into millions of triangulations. Any system wud choke. I think your fine with centrino. Ur graphics card memory is ok. As that deosnt make much difference to max. YES ! dont be fooled otherwise. Ur graphics card has nothing to do with the rendering capabilities. Rendering depends only on CPU power (so get the maximum Ghz possible) and RAM (theres no limit get the maximum u can so you scene can handle more complex materials and scenes with like hundreds of buildings etc). Ive actually done a 984 building city layout in max on my lappy. And it handled it without problems. The graphics card only manages the output to your screen. It has NOTHING to do with the visual quality of your render. Mines got 16 to 64 mb video graphics dynamically allocated by the system. Video cards matter a lot if your looking at VIDEO EDITING, VIDEO GAMING. Where the screen shudnt flicker while panning around the scene. For more fluid graphics in complex scenes. But if ur looking at some serious animation work. Get a desktop. They are cheaper. And u can upgrade whenever you like component by component. Add more ram. Replace your drives etc. Try that with your lappy and youll be broke and things will run amuck in the compatibility area. Lappys are best used as you got them from factory. Except for adding ram etc. Yes your drive speed might make some difference. Try to get EC RAM. Its the fastest in the market. Or at least DDR RAM. Make sure the FSB on your system is wide enough. See iuf you can get a hyperthreaded processor. Mental ray etc can automtically utilize the additional power of these processors. If your on a deskie then you can get dual processor machines.

Final compenents that count-
FAST DRIVE (ATA, SCSI high rpm; but please check for other options)


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Re: PC specs for 3ds max
on Aug 9, 2005 at 10:48:48 pm

I want to thank you for your thoughful response & for clarifying the role of the video card.. I am sure you are right about desk tops etc, just I need two machines as I move around a lot

I have ordered a machine with 2gb ram a cpu a sonoma cpu, I hope it will be ok for some of my video editing & 3d max

On the other subjects you raised ....I find that my desk top with 1gb ram & an athlom AMD 64 3000 really struggles with just plain video rendering in Vegas....

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