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what is this method called ?? camera tracking ???? big problem for me help!!!

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what is this method called ?? camera tracking ???? big problem for me help!!!
on Jul 8, 2005 at 6:51:47 pm

hi all at cow

this is one of my doubt taht has been disturbing me for quite a long time...
so i thought of asking it in my favourite forum. the cowwwwwwwwwwwww...

i hav modelled a statue in 3d max .. i made a helix and gave this helix as the path for the camera.. now the animation is such that the camera moves in a helical path around the statue ....
i didnt give any background in 3d max...

i rendered the file as tga with alpha.. so when i import it in after effects,i hav the statue alone .. no probs....i want tat only...

suppose i made a backdrop in after effects and put it as the background for the statue sequence.. i get a flat 2d backdrop for the file

what i want is tat the background should respond to the movements of camera in 3d max..
i want a 3d environment in after effects.. is this technique called camera tracking ,,,

i hav to make the bg to match the camera movements.. in my example .. as it is a helical path, at both times when the camera is in front and in back of the statue ,, the backdrop is just the same ,.. no 3d feeling

i think u got wat i said
how can i achieve this in after effects

i can mail or upload the files if u need ,,,,

plz help me

i wnna complete this proj soooooooon

thanx a lot /// in advance

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Re: what is this method called ?? camera tracking ???? big problem for me help!!!
on Jul 11, 2005 at 9:47:56 pm

you should post this in the after effects cow forum.

The answer is definitely there.

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Tom J
Re: what is this method called ?? camera tracking ???? big problem for me help!!!
on Jul 12, 2005 at 1:47:22 am

Actually I believe he has, poor guy. The only thing that comes to mind at the moment is to re-render your scene with your foreground elements maintaining an alpha channel then rendering a separate pass with the SAME camera but this time adding your background plate onto a large sphere. The background plate will fill and travel along the sphere if you animate it or just stay stationary as the camera pans and moves around.

You could also re-render this out in Max in its entirety, background and all. But then the file management may become an issue due the individual frame sizes (pending your system specs).

There are ways to add cameras to your scene in AE that match or follow 3ds Max camera data. Do a search here in the Cow for Max Camera data used in AE or something similar like Camera export to AE.

There is also a way to render out your sequence for the background and import it into AE by using expressions. At the time, Steve Holmes at Total Training covered this idea on Camera Matching I believe and followed a butterfly flying about while using a 2D background sky element and adjusted it accordingly. It actually look really good.

So my guess on where to start would be to search topics of Camera Matching in AE or Camera Data export to AE from Max. I believe that should be of some assistance.

Hope that helps ya,

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