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A very general question

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Paul Ullah
A very general question
on Apr 19, 2005 at 11:26:30 pm

I have no 3D experience at all. I'm primarily an editor but I'm producing a project soon that requires a lot of 3D.

In general how do you schedule for modelling. When I edit, if it's a fairly straight forward project with an average shooting ratio, I'll say it takes roughly 1 hour per minute of screen time to offline. Then add digitizing and online time.

Do you use any general rule of thumb for modeling? I'm shooting a lot of stuff against green screen where I'll need to build sets in 3D. So, for instance, a set like the abondoned subway station in The Matrix. How long would your estimate to model and then track the live action footage. I realize that I'll need to add render and lighting time to this too.

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Re: A very general question
on Apr 20, 2005 at 1:12:00 pm


Depends on so many factors. That shot was build from multi photos (from what I've read). So they just pasted textures on to walls basically. Modeling and everything takes time, it's not so much the modeling as adjusting the UV cords (which is making sure the texture wraps around each object and doesn't strech and all that).

But for a virtual set, if you had to do it from scratch and there wasn't any MAJOR detail should take a good week to setup the shot and then depending on the light solution might take a week to render (rez and fps will play into that as well). This is very rough, as you have to really break down your scenes and figure out where to place your time and energy. Only do work in camera. I work on tight turn arounds, so I don't build rooms where I don't have too, I get the camera passes setup, and then make the geomtry for those scenes in camera... (which you should have due to your shots being tied to the green screen shoot) Hope that helps, it's a VERY big question to answer .. :P


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