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Attaching splines. . .

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Arie Stavchansky
Attaching splines. . .
on Apr 6, 2005 at 10:26:19 pm

I'm an expert user in Adobe Illustrator trying to learn how to construct complex 3DSMax splines. I really don't understand why it must be so complex, but that's a different story. Basically, I'm trying to attach about seven different splines (some arcs, other are lines) so that it forms one whole spline that I will lathe. When I select one of the lines, I can select the "attach" toggle in the "geometry" rollout. When I move my mouse over some of the other splines, the cursors change, but others do not. Particularly, the other arcs will cause the cursor to change, but not the other lines. Why is this? Also, when I do click on the arc, 3DSMax creates kind of a mirror copy of the spline elsewhere in the viewport. I'm not sure I understand this or why the interface to attach two splines has to be so complex.

How can I attach multiple splines to a selected spline to create one whole spline. Thanks for your help and time!


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Frank Ringwald
Re: Attaching splines. . .
on Apr 7, 2005 at 8:56:10 am

Complex? Hm. Well, let's see.

Problem 1: Some splines can be attached, others not.
Maybe some splines are already part of the shape(a spline object containing multiple unconnected splines), because you deactivated "Start new shape" in the create panel, while drawing the lines.

Problem 2: Splines are repositoned through attaching.
I guess, "Reorient" (beside the attach button) is active during attaching. This repositions/rotates the attached spline so it's pivot matches the pivot of the shape it's comming to.

Problem 3: How to attach multiple splines.
There is a button with exactly that name right under the attach button. It opens the common max select object dialog and shows all attachable splines.

IK, parameter wireing, bones, character rigging, propper UVW mapping, reactor, radiosity, mental ray, these are complex. ;-)

Nerver mind


Frank Ringwald
Digital Artist & Trainer
FX Garden, Berlin

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