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Particles ignoring deflector

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editmasterParticles ignoring deflector
by on Apr 6, 2005 at 5:01:57 pm

Hi there ...

I´m trying to set up a nice explosion of a logo for a customer. So far I´ve used PFlow to get the logo into fragments and to spin them around until they hit the floor which is a basic plane using UDeflector. So far the particles realize that the floor is there, cause they spawn nicely upon collision and stop after 5 times of bouncing.
To get some smoke and fire trails I´ve spawned 60% of the fragments after the initial drag force. So far the newly generated particles follow their parents just until they reach the deflecting floor. Although I´ve added a collision event for the spawned trail-particles they seem to ignore that and just pass through the floor.

So what´s that all about???? I`ve turned of "Kill Parent" for the first spawning, cause I thought maybe they lose their reference after the parent is gone ... still resulting in "forgeting" about the deflector ...

I hope someone out there can help me out on this ... all comment appreciated



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Frank RingwaldRe: Particles ignoring deflector
by on Apr 6, 2005 at 7:04:44 pm

Hi editm.

I've tried to reconstruct the situation you discribed, maybe a bit simplified. I've used gravity instead of a drag-force. It works.

Here is my particle view: http://www.ringwald-berlin.de/odds_n_ends/P_View.jpg.

Hope it gives a hint


Frank Ringwald
Digital Artist & Trainer
FX Garden, Berlin

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editmasterRe: Particles ignoring deflector
by on Apr 8, 2005 at 11:53:05 pm

Hi Frank ...

thanks for the work you´ve done for solving my little prob. Anyway ... I finally got it solved by placing the spawn controller on various locations within the flow. Unfortunately I can´t upload an image of my flow somewhere so I´ll try to describe: The first particles where generated of the objects surface. Then via a split selection selected particles turned into fragments by using shape instance.
On my first attempt I had the spawn controller for the particles with the smoke trail directly under the shape instance controller. Then all the rest of the p´s went on to a test collision to break apart into more pieces and die after that. They perfectly collided with the floor and broke into pieces. But the spawned p´s just always passed the floor although I gave em a new collision event.
So finaly I placed the spawn - under - the collision event which broke the pieces apart. By some reason, which I find quite illogical (unsless someone can explain;) ), the spawned smoke p´s now behave like I wanted them to. ... aarrgh to bad I can´t upload my flow for you guys to see ...

what ever it was ... it´s gone;)



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