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help with FS100(ver3.0) and Avid Xpress Pro for new guy

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steve997help with FS100(ver3.0) and Avid Xpress Pro for new guy
by on Apr 4, 2007 at 4:47:20 pm

Hi guys,
I've just started to do some tests with the FS-100 and my HVX202 (PAL). I managed to get the FS-100 unit to record correctly with about 10 test clips in DVCPro (25)format with "OMF" set as the REC setting (for Avid ingest).

I did an "organize OMF", then connected the FS-100 to the Avid Xpress Pro (version 5.0), and switched the FS-100 to "DD". My PC shows the 10 folders which I assume are the clips, but there is nothing inside each one. There is another folder with a long number as the name which has a few Gb's in it so I assume that is the issue perhaps?

I'm unsure what to do when importing on the Avid side ... I have created the correct project, new bin and tried importing with the DV25 420 setting, but it returns an error if I try importing any of the clips in that large folder that had a few Gb's inside it. I am not that experienced on the Avid having come from another NLE system.

Can someone just give me some steps as to what I should be doing to import simple SD material into my Avid Express Pro please or is it an Organize OMF issue on teh FS-100? In addition, should I be importing directly off the FS-100 or can I transfer the files to another hard drive before hand, then import from there? If that's the case, what folders/files do I transfer across exactly?

Many thanks,
Perth, Australia

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bbalserRe: help with FS100(ver3.0) and Avid Xpress Pro for new guy
by on May 5, 2007 at 12:43:59 pm

The folders numbered 0-9 are for the REELS function, and won't work with any of the formats you have to run an ORGANZIE for.

After running the ORGANIZE OMF function, the folder with the long numbered name is where your files are. You should be able to copy that folder to your local drive and import those right into Avid.

Copy that folder to your local hard drive and see if you can open individual clips.

I'm not sure of the status, but at one time the 3.0 upgrade on the FS-100 had some audio problems with Avid systems.

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