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How to emulate particle turbulence in Motion?

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Gareth RandallHow to emulate particle turbulence in Motion?
by on Jan 15, 2015 at 1:38:13 pm

I'm trying to replicate this AE tutorial in Motion...

I can't find a simulation behaviour that satisfactorily emulates the Turbulence parameter in Particular. There only seem to be two options available; Wind appears to do very little while Random Motion applies, well, random motion to every individual particle, which doesn't look right despite a lot of fiddling with the parameters. In the AE project, the turbulence gives the impression of gusts of wind in different directions catching large clumps of particles (if that makes sense), which looks a bit more organic and "real".

I'd appreciate any suggestions...

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Simon UbsdellRe: How to emulate particle turbulence in Motion?
by on Jan 15, 2015 at 3:28:16 pm

Faking turbulence is a lot harder in Motion than in Ae but I've had some good results using the Vortex behavior, as in this tutorial:

I've also experimented with adding a Randomize behavior to the Emitter position in instances like this - so the particles get sprayed around in a more organic way.

I've also tried adding Randomize to the XYZ parameters of the the Wind behavior.

In each of these cases it's a good idea to experiment with having the behavior only kick on for specific parts of the animation rather than applying even throughout - it's the kick factor which will give the particles the look of having been hit by an atmospheric event.

Simon Ubsdell

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