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Motion keeps quitting.

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Dorothy ThomasMotion keeps quitting.
by on Dec 20, 2012 at 1:10:35 am

I'm using motion 4 and it is constantly quitting on me as my projects get more complex. The more complex the the camera movements or more advanced use of particle systems and replicators cause my system to lock up and I have to force quit after about five to six changes made in motion and restart over and over again.
Recently it is now asking if I 'd like to restore windows and on certain files it just quits right after I click restore or don't restore windows button.
I'm running an MacOS 10.7.5, 3.1 GHz i5, 8 GB of Ram, AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024MB(Computer purchased last year2011).
The problem came to a head last week as I took music I recorded in from garage band(the only program I am unfamiliar with is soundtrack pro), converted to mp3 in I-tunes and brought into motion and bam , after a few changes of parameters and moving layers of the video I was working on, Bam, it quit and that project won't open and that's when the restore windows dialog came up.
When I open a motion project I use the XDCAM 422, 1920x1080, 29.97 to match my canon 60d and 7 d footage which is converted in stream clip to prores 422 LT. I use this setting because it's the only one that match's the camera 1920x1080 footage.
Motion has been problematic in this regard since I learned how to use it. Sometimes I like editing entire music videos in motion as opposed to round tripping(videos of 3 minutes or more, it gives me more control than FCP), but the bigger the file size the more problems so my questions are the following
1.Am I using the correct preset to use motion and do you use resolution and frame rate as the deciding factor or something else(and would this cause the problems mentioned earlier)?
2.Is my computer set up able to handle complex motion graphics smoothly or is that my problem?
3.Why is motion asking me to restore windows?
4.What is going on with motion?
I'm also going to aftereffects in about 6 months but I still need this problem handled so it does't occur with the new software and I have a soft spot for motion 4.
I love to edit and these problems make it less enjoyable. I really appreciate your valuable time and any help to resolve this problem. Thank you.

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Mark SpencerRe: Motion keeps quitting.
by on Dec 20, 2012 at 1:13:45 am

Your computer is underpowered for what you are trying to do. One small thing I can recommend is to NOT use mp3's for your audio - aiff's would be better and less taxing on your system.

Mark Spencer
Freelance Producer/Editor/Motion Graphics Artist
Apple-certified Master Trainer
Author, Motion 4 from Peachpit Press

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Dorothy ThomasRe: Motion keeps quitting.
by on Dec 21, 2012 at 12:17:12 am

Thank you very much. What would you suggest I get?(Can anything be added to my current system?) Also are there any books or tutorials that can explain the more technical basics of formats, files,compression etc. Also one with more advanced use of controls in motion and aftereffects. Alot of tutorials and books gloss over parameter controls etc. They don't define many terms which can be frustrating.(Is there an easily digestible technical dictionary that is fairly simple to understand)
Do you offer or your colleagues any more advanced courses, tutorials or books? Could you suggest schools,seminars or workshops? I live in Erie,Pa. I would really like to have a very high technical proficiency in this field. Again ,thank you for your time.

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