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Render times - Motion 4 vs. Motion 5

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Jeff MeyerRender times - Motion 4 vs. Motion 5
by on Dec 26, 2011 at 10:08:25 pm

Does Motion 5's 64 bit rewrite offers a substantial performance upgrade or if it's a wash due to relying on the GPU for rendering?

I reached a breaking point over the weekend after a 26 hour render on a :45 spot. I know, strange duration. It was text heavy and it needed motion blur - two of Motion's arch enemies. I searched around, but I couldn't find a comparison between them. Has anyone who made the jump noticed a difference one way or the other?

MacPro 5,1
5870 w/ 2x Cinema Displays attached
12gb RAM (8 more coming soon)
12 core 2.66

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Andy NeilRe: Render times - Motion 4 vs. Motion 5
by on Dec 31, 2011 at 11:23:56 pm

Well, Motion 4 and 5 both rely heavily on the GPU for performance, but I believe that the CPU helps out when rendering/exporting.

Performance seems a bit of a wash since although Motion 5 is 64bit, it's also 16 bit floating render where Motion 4 is 8 bit by default.

I think Motion 5 handles text better, but I don't have any attribution. I'm just repeating something I've heard.

However, there are ways to make text and motion blur not so problematic in the render stage. 26 hours for 45 seconds seems like something that could be improved upon by making some adjustments to your project.

Have you tried changing the shutter and sample size of your motion blur? How many layers of text do you have? Did you apply any filters to them, or any processor intensive parameters (like custom stroke width or dynamics)?


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Jeff MeyerRe: Render times - Motion 4 vs. Motion 5
by on Jan 1, 2012 at 9:43:26 pm

Thanks for the response Andy.

I had about 10 layers of text with an average of about 15 characters per layer. The text was a clean, sans serif font from the Adobe CS package with a solid face and a drop shadow with blur. The only animated properties were the Gather In and Gather Out behaviours at 20-30 frames in duration. No filters on the text, and outline and glow were both unchecked, and there weren't any behavious that were continually happening.

Other elements were a photo with a drop shadow, two logos (max 3000px wide), and a color solid as the background with a vignette filter. The vignette was keyframed at the front and back of the ad, otherwise I would have made a PNG in Photohsop. One logo had a luma keyer, but it wasn't up too long.

I haven't played with the Motion Blur samples or shutter angle. Checking my settings I'm at 8 samples and 360º. The 8 samples could probably drop to 6, which would cut the time down quite a bit. The shutter angle is something a bit fuzzy on where motion graphics is concerned. I'm assuming 360º is the default?

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