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Motion 4: Tracking a Moving it possible?

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Brute WolfMotion 4: Tracking a Moving it possible?
by on Aug 9, 2011 at 3:34:01 am

I'm making a video for our church which is a knockoff of the E-Trade babies commercials. I have a segment of it done which you can see here: password "jaymack"

As you can see, I'm dealing with both a moving baby as well as a moving adult. To do this, I make a bezier mask around the adult's lips (actually the beard also in the example shown). Then I Analyze Motion using the baby's nostrils, and Match Move the masked adult lips to the desired location.

It worked fine on the first two that I did. I only arranged the mask control points (the red dots) every few frames, and had no problem.

But the third adult had a bit more side to side movement of their head. So instead of just grabbing the red points on the mask, sometimes I grabbed the entire mask (the white rectangle surrounding my red mask) and dragged it along with appropriate keyframes.

Now the lips properly track until it hits a point where I moved the white rectangle, where it goes off target. (It's still the adult mouth, but the adult mouth has slid up to the baby's cheek.) Is there any way of correcting this, short of only dragging control points throughout the keyframing process?

I think the problem is mild head movement by the adult while talking. (And that I just got lucky with the first one.)

So maybe(?) my question is, how can I take a moving masked image (the adult's lips) and stabilize it on top of another (well-tracked) image? (The baby's mouth.)

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Noah KadnerRe: Motion 4: Tracking a Moving it possible?
by on Aug 9, 2011 at 3:25:03 pm

Sounds like a lot of manual keyframing would be the simplest way. Sometimes you just have to muscle those keyframes.


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Brute WolfRe: Motion 4: Tracking a Moving it possible?
by on Aug 10, 2011 at 1:32:25 am

Thanks. Fortunately, the clip I'm using of the baby is a loop of him holding reasonably still. So "muscling those keyframes" has only been somewhat arduous, rather than grotesquely arduous. :-)

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