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Moving Image Mask

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James FrazierMoving Image Mask
by on Apr 23, 2011 at 12:58:44 pm

Hello, I'm completely stump'd and in desperate need of some insight regarding an issue in which I am having the hardest time correcting.

Okay...I've created this 3D environment in Apple Motion and I am using cameras to move through this environment. I have several televisions in this space, and my goal is to use camera moves to reveal these televisions. On these televisions, I will be showing different video clips.

My issue arrises when I place these video clips on the televisions.
My method of doing so was by first creating a shape (mimicking the tv "screen") with the bezier tool.
Then I imported my video clip to the project, added an image mask to the clip and drag and dropped the"screen shape" into the image mask well.

Everything seems fine, the clip is within the boundaries of the tv screen and all appears to be well; however, when I move the camera the mask and clip move as well. Dun Dun DUN!!!

I've also tried this method with drop zones and i'm getting the same results.

If ANYone could shed some light on why this may be happening or what I can do as a workaround to fix this I would be eternally grateful!

Sorry for the long winded post

James P. Frazier

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Mark SpencerRe: Moving Image Mask
by on Apr 23, 2011 at 3:01:14 pm

With that method you'll need a separate copy of the shape for each tv screen, and the shape itself with need to be in the same position as each tv screen - easily accomplished by selecting the screen and the in the Inspector, dragging the Position parameter onto the shape layer.

Mark Spencer
Freelance Producer/Editor/Motion Graphics Artist
Apple-certified Master Trainer
Author, Motion 4 from Peachpit Press

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James FrazierRe: Moving Image Mask
by on Apr 23, 2011 at 6:07:27 pm

Thanks a million Mark!!

Will this method keep the shape/clip from following the camera as I move to another screen? I would like for each shape to say in place as the camera moves to the next tv, leaving the previous behind (Sorry for the redundancy).

Lastly, is this the method that you would use to accomplish something like this? If not, and if you don't mind, how would you go about approaching something like this.

Thanks again Mark, I REALLY appreciate this.

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Gareth RandallRe: Moving Image Mask
by on Apr 24, 2011 at 6:33:19 am

[James Frazier] "Will this method keep the shape/clip from following the camera as I move to another screen?"

Yes, it will. The key is to ensure that the clip and shape are in the exact same position in Z-space as the TV.

There aren't really any alternative ways of doing what you want to do - if you want to put a video clip into a TV screen, you just have to mask the clip to the shape of the screen. An approach that you might find useful, though, is one that I picked up from Mark's excellent Mastering Motion's Camera tutorial package; you build your TV, complete with clip, as a single 2D group, and *then* position the group in 3D space. That way, the TV, clip and mask will all move together and you won't have any parallax issues between the TV and clip.

You can then just duplicate the group as many times as necessary and reposition the copies in 3D space, simply swapping out the clips for each one.

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James FrazierRe: Moving Image Mask
by on Apr 25, 2011 at 3:03:29 am

Mr. Randall,

I would like to thank you for taking the time to give me those words of advice they were extremely helpful in rectifying this issue. I really appreciate it. I will implement the methods you informed me of.

Thanks Again,


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