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Twitchy text in Motion

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Atticus Brady
Twitchy text in Motion
on Jul 30, 2009 at 5:07:05 pm


From time to time when I knock out a very simple text animation (scaling words over time, for example) the animation will produce a one-frame twitch in some of the letters. I have always rendered at the best quality, but the whole thing seems a little buggy and random. For instance, in the latest occurrence there was no twitching of the letters in Motion but I brought it into FCP and there it is, even when I render it. But it's also happened in the Motion app itself, and I've exported it using a lossless Animation codec and it appears in the Quicktime movie as well.

I have found a handful of ways to work around this but is there any way to get it to NEVER happen? I've tried using different techniques to scale the text (simply scaling the parameters, using the 3D camera, using behaviors), and I've also experimented with serif and sans serif fonts. No one thing seems to make it go away completely.

Any ideas?

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