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Three times the love from AT&T

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Todd Terry
Three times the love from AT&T
on Nov 11, 2019 at 11:43:07 pm

This had me scratching my head... and laughing a little... so I just had to share...

Just switched to AT&T fiber for the home internet (despite Google's promise for just years now it still isn't in my neighborhood even though we were one of the first couple of Google cities). I was going to do self-install (it was promised to be easy, and faster than waiting on a tech), so I was glad when my better half Kim called the studio to say a package from AT&T had arrived at home. I was a little mystified though when she said "It's kinda a big box."


Well here's the answer to why it's a big box... for some insane reason, except for the modem (or gateway or whatever they call it), AT&T decided to include THREE of everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Instead of one power supply, three. Instead of one yellow Ethernet cable, three. Not one red cable, but three. Three "quick install" guides. Three manuals (and no, not different languages, three English ones).


This really has me puzzled.

On the upside, true to their word, it took about five minutes to install, and does seem pretty darn fast.

It's still a mystery though.....


Todd Terry
Creative Director
Fantastic Plastic Entertainment, Inc.

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Nick Griffin
Re: Three times the love from AT&T
on Nov 15, 2019 at 9:24:55 pm
Last Edited By Nick Griffin on Nov 15, 2019 at 9:59:26 pm

OK, just a parallel but far more stupid example:

Earlier this week picked up my line 1 phone # and it had the intermittent /beeping dial tone, indicating that there was a voicemail. Let's see what it is, so speed dial in the access number. Recording says: "You have one message. Dial your TEMPORARY access code and press pound."

Dial my access code. Recording says: "That code is invalid. Dial your TEMPORARY access code and press pound."

So a few more times I dial my access code and the recording says: "That code is invalid. Dial your TEMPORARY access code and press pound."

In frustration I search my Verizon phone bill to find someone to call. (Found the 800 # in 4 point type on the back of page 4 of the bill.) After much waiting and then agreeing to allow the cue line to call me back in order, I FINALLY (after still more waiting once called) I am connected to a human.

The tech support human (almost) explains that they've recently updated their voice-mail system and this was explained to me by voicemail. So after finally getting the temporary password I was able to dial in and the message What I received was... wait for it... the explanation that they had "updated their voice-mail system. " So checked the message and wouldn't you know it? It was Verizon informing me that they were updating their voice-mail system and giving instructions on how to set-up the new voice mail.

When a company as large as Verizon can so something this stupid ANYTHING is possible.

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