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Mike Cohen
Blog: Sales, Marketing, Networking and Audiovisual Support - A Winning Combination - Now with Video!
on Oct 5, 2010 at 2:31:30 am

A lot of what goes on around this website has to do with media production. However, to do media production you need one of two things - work coming in to fund the media production, or back end funds coming in in exchange for the produced media.

We do both. This week we are attending a major surgical meeting - a gathering of 5,000 surgeons and a like number from industry. We do work for numerous companies, as well as for the meeting itself, as discussed in my previous entry, Just in Time Delivery. We have 4 new textbooks making their debut this week - topics include Pancreas Surgery, Trauma Surgery, Post Bariatric Body Contouring (Plastic surgery, such as mammoplasty, abdominal lift) and a Guide for Researchers in Surgical Education.

This week, once we get our display booth set up, my job morphs from media producer, to sales, marketing, new business development, and audiovisual support. Networking can consist of walking around talking to people I know, asking for introductions, or the live in person equivalent of cold calling. This year we made a services pamphlet, which is a nice leave-behind for new contacts. Not quite as easy to lose as a business card - I hope!

We provide nearly 200 video files to be shown in various video sessions. The on-site audiovisual vendor takes it from there. However I am on call should someone need technical help, have a question about a video or the occasional person who wants to make an edit.

All of the videos get loaded onto a server, both for preview in the speaker green room, and for projection in the meeting rooms.

The exhibit hall is filled with displays for medical devices, medications, equipment, new technology and the occasional interesting display that cannot be categorized.

This display is very interesting - a typical Army field hospital. In a war zone, victims are initially stabilized, then transported to a fixed hospital for damage control surgery (patching stuff up for later repair - the main goal is airway breathing and circulation - the rest can be dealt with later) then on to Germany and finally to Walter Reed in Washington. Average time from injury to Walter Reed is 72 hours - pretty amazing. In this tent they had on a display a textbook created by surgeons in Iraq and Afghanistan depicting the common injuries encountered in these settings. When you hear about a roadside bomb or explosion on the news, it sounds rather benign. But to see photos of the actual damage done to bodies - it is horrific.

Don't worry, no pictures of this here!

At the end of a long day of standing, walking in dress shoes and a lot of talking in a very dry building environment, it is back to the hotel, then dinner. While I usually stay in reasonable business hotels when doing video shoots, the hotels available for a discounted rate during conventions tend to be either luxurious or quirky. This week we chose quirky. The Donovan House on 14th and Massachusetts Ave feels like a set from 2001 A Space Odyssey - especially the rooms.

Open the pod bay door HAL...

Sales, Marketing, Networking and Audiovisual Support - A Winning Combinatio...

Thanks for reading.

Mike Cohen

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Mark Stuart
Re: Sales, Marketing, Networking and Audiovisual Support - A Winning Combination
on Oct 5, 2010 at 3:07:24 pm

wow, Mike, this is hard core! Thanks for the hotel photos too... very interesting!


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Ronald Lindeboom
Re: Sales, Marketing, Networking and Audiovisual Support - A Winning Combination
on Oct 5, 2010 at 6:42:49 pm

Mike, once again I know why I always open your blogs first. ;o) Great read.

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