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time accounting software for Mac

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Bob Cole
time accounting software for Mac
on Dec 23, 2014 at 1:31:09 pm

One of the hardest "easy" things in my post-production work is tracking the time I spend on different projects. I use three computers, in part because I don't like to wait around for After Effects rendering, for example. So I will be working on multiple projects not just in the same day, but in the same hour.

I do the best I can with recording my time manually, but I wonder whether anyone else shares this problem, and whether anyone has found some equivalent of the software that lawyers use; they bill in six-minute increments!

Your genius answers are eagerly awaited. I want to begin the New Year with a new way of dealing with this situation.


Bob C

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Steve Kownacki
Re: time accounting software for Mac
on Dec 23, 2014 at 2:36:28 pm
Last Edited By Steve Kownacki on Dec 23, 2014 at 4:48:30 pm

I have a paid account for 6 users with, more robust than, we're looking into (but for its robust-ness, it might take a degree to have it be efficient). None seem to let 1 person track multiple events like you discuss - would be great! Like you we track render time, upload time, editing time, and everything else for about 12 or so functions.

For free and easy, get 3 free toggl accounts. You'll still need to add up the accounts though. We capture tons of "would be lost" time. And the reporting in Harvest is great. Feel free to ask specific questions.


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Chuck Johnson
Re: time accounting software for Mac
on Dec 25, 2014 at 5:28:06 am

Perhaps this will help you out...


Big Bad Wolf Creative Group
Fort Worth, Tx

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Nick Griffin
Re: time accounting software for Mac
on Dec 26, 2014 at 6:44:30 pm

I'm looking, too and have been for over a year.

My problem, and maybe someone can point me in the right direction, is I want an application that approaches timesheet billing from a CALENDAR standpoint rather than a job standpoint. I have yet to find one, including:
[Chuck Johnson] ""
that takes the calendar approach.

I'm spoiled by the way I've been doing timesheets for the past dozen or so years and can easily reflect the way my day jumps between multiple clients and multiple types of work.

I use Palm Desktop (yes, THAT Palm, the piece of personal hardware that nobody uses anymore, including me). Palm Desktop software however provides a calendar where it's relatively simple to enter events in 10 minute increments. Then at the end of the month I export the data as a tab-separated text file which I open in Excel. Then I run a macro which moves the columns into the order I use for billing and can sort by client, category of work/task performed, date, start time & stop time. Yes it's a multi-step process once a month but it works.

Now the bad part and why I've been looking. A few revisions back the Mac OS removed "Rosetta" which enabled the running of apps written for the Power PC chip on Intel machines -- ie. the Palm Desktop software from more than ten years ago. So I'm left keeping my timesheet calendar on an older laptop and common sense says that the hardware and this method's days are numbered.

So... that's what I've been looking for. Something that lets me use a calendar which easily integrates with the way my days run, yet can be exported for billing purposes.

Any and all ideas are welcomed.

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Chuck Johnson
Re: time accounting software for Mac
on Dec 29, 2014 at 2:41:00 pm

Hi Nick,

I understand your desire for calendar-based PM software. I currently use an obsolete system myself that uses FileMaker Pro as the engine. I is the StudioCzar and it was written for FMP V7 - we are up to FMP 13 now and about to go to 14 at some point. The reason I say obsolete (even though it still works) is that the developer is not supporting it anymore - but it is written and documented very well so it is not hard to migrate the base-code. The developer offered source code to those of us that purchased it and so we can access the elements that need updating.

I am not sure what your expectation is on the pricing but in the past I used ScheduAll which is great for the way you want to work. But it is very pricy.

Another more feasible option might be StudioSuite - have you looked into that?

Regards and Happy New Year!


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