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field and post production data management

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Elliott Choi
field and post production data management
on Mar 28, 2012 at 10:07:03 pm


First time posting so excuse me if this is in the wrong section, but this seemed like the place to ask questions about how to set up for a new production/post production company in terms of data management.
I am in charge of creating a system for data mangement both for DIT in the field as well as post production edit suites and backups for 6 x 1hour documentary episodes.

This is the first time I am organizing a workflow like this and I am wondering if someone could help with advice as to whether this is a good setup or not.

First of all, we are sending off teams in the field to download all their shoots onto several 2TB G-Tech drives as shuttle drives, having them make mirror copies on pairs of 2TB drives on the field. When they return from the field to the post house, the AE transfers the footage from the G-Tech drives onto an 8TB Span desktop enclosure. Once all the footage is checked and secured on the 8TB enclosure, the AE will then transfer that footage from the 8TB enclosure to the corresponding episode's edite suite. Each episode's edit suite will have an 8TB RAID 5 desktop enclosure. Once that is securely transfered, we have 2 in house copies of the footage and the G-drives are wiped and ready to be sent out for the next shoot.

This process makes sure that there are at least 2 copies of the footage at all times. Each editor will have a RAIDed HDD desktop enclosure for their own episode, the AE will keep a non-raided enclosure for all footage from all episodes, and the G-drives will be used as shuttle drives from the field to in house.

At the end of all shooting, the leftover G-Drives will be used as a 3rd backup of all the footage stored in the producer's home.

Does anyone see a glaring red light with this process? Are using shuttle drives from the field to the post house too many steps and I should rather send the 8TB Enclosure? I'm suggesting holding off on the 3rd backup in order to minimize empty drives floating around at the end of the show.

It would be great to have an opinion to see if this seems like a plausible workflow from field to edit that won't cause a headache for risking loss of media, loss of time, or loss of money.


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Michael Aranyshev
Re: field and post production data management
on Mar 29, 2012 at 12:16:45 am

Whatever software you use in the field should have a checksum and create report of what was copied and where. You should have some form of LTO back-up in the house. You should keep one copy offsite.

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