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Can you believe this?

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David Roth WeissCan you believe this?
by on Jan 11, 2011 at 11:54:26 pm

Every year, a fellow I know, who's originally from India, hires me to cut one of his music videos. He creates the songs with one of his best friends, and they show the music video back home in India via Youtube, mostly to friends and family. Though it's not the greatest music, and his video isn't the greatest either, he enjoys doing it, and I like doing the job for him because he's a great guy.

In any case, this year he hired a young woman to dance in his video. Apparently, she was not satisfied with the product, particularly the video processing the client paid for in order to futz it up and make it look "more MTV."

So, if you can believe it, she somehow managed to convince someone at the facility that futzed-up the video to give her the raw original. She then had some non-pro recut the entire thing to her liking, and in the process, she cut out every shot of the owner/creator of the music video and had her editor cut in her own face in every conceivable spot that was possible.

Then, to top that, she actually hacked into my client's Youtube account, deleted his existing music video, and then posted her own version of the video in its place.

Now, fast forward a few weeks... Yesterday, the dancer/hacker apparently discovered that we had earlier deleted her video and replaced it with the owner/creator's authorized cut. So what did our unhappy dancer/hacker do? If you can believe, she actually wrote several comments on my client's personal Youtube account, which were all threats against me.

Needless to say, I notified Youtube immediately, and thankfully they took appropriate action. The dancer/hacker's comments were yanked and they have also permanently blocked her from my client's account. Hopefully that will put an end to it, but who knows what someone like that will do next?

David Roth Weiss
David Weiss Productions, Inc.
Los Angeles


A forum host of Creative COW's Business & Marketing and Apple Final Cut Pro forums. Formerly host of the Apple Final Cut Basics, Indie Film & Documentary, and Film History & Appreciations forums.

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Herb SevushRe: Can you believe this?
by on Jan 12, 2011 at 4:13:06 pm


nothing worse than being cyber stalked by an Indian belly dancer. You will be in my prayers.

Herb Sevush
Zebra Productions

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Mick HaenslerRe: Can you believe this?
by on Jan 12, 2011 at 5:08:27 pm


Mick Haensler
Higher Ground Media

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Nick GriffinRe: Can you believe this?
by on Jan 12, 2011 at 5:48:27 pm

Sounds to me like David has identified yet another individual with the unrelenting drive and ambition to succeed in show business NO MATTER WHAT.

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Mark SuszkoRe: Can you believe this?
by on Jan 12, 2011 at 9:50:11 pm

Everybody in this thread will now spontaneously burst into a synchronized dance routine. :-)

My story isn't as good. We had an outside vendor make a traffic safety program for teens. There was some dispute about ownership of the master one inch reels. Anyhow, on a day when the bosses were out fo the office, the producer sent over a business partner who tried to sweet-talk me into letting her "borrow" the master out of our library to make a dub, off the books. She was an actress who played the girlfriend in the movie; "Breaking Away". I was a tad star-struck, but had to turn her request down.

And yes, the story would be way better if I re-edited it a tad, but this is what actually happened.... :-)

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Patrick OrtmanRe: Can you believe this?
by on Jan 18, 2011 at 3:31:50 pm

Wow, just wow.

It's pretty amazing what some people will do.

Web and Video Design

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Malcolm MatuskyRe: Can you believe this?
by on Jan 21, 2011 at 5:55:06 pm

People lie and steal in show business! ;-)


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