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Question about selling and/or distributing content on broadcast or cable television.

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Matt DelmegeQuestion about selling and/or distributing content on broadcast or cable television.
by on Aug 9, 2010 at 1:20:53 pm

Hey guys, I am a future RED ONE M-X owner and I (naturally) really respect all of the brilliant people on this forum. I am hoping that someone out there can help me out! (because I don't think I can take another day of Googling these questions...)

I have a production company and we have always been behind the camera. We have not been in the business of selling content. But recently our investors have come up with an amazing idea for a reality TV show that they want us to produce, BUT they asked us to look into how to distribute it or sell it to a mainstream cable or broadcast network (Mtv, FOX etc.)

I am in over my head, and my investors don't know where to begin either, so I am looking for some answers:

1. First, I think we are in a unique situation because the production would be fully funded and produced "in-house"; kind of a syndication. That being said, do major networks even buy content that is produced this way? Do they care where the funding comes from? Or, do networks do all of their production in-house?

2. Is there an agent or research firm or distributing firm that would partner with us in order to "shop" the content?

3. Are there law firms or research firms that would have access to network content buyers that would be able to discreetly feel out the market for us? The last thing I want to end up doing is cold-calling networks looking for a meeting.

Are there any smart people that would be able to point me in the right direction? I would really appreciate it, and would eventually be able to make it worth your while if things work out!


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grinner hesterRe: Question about selling and/or distributing content on broadcast or cable television.
by on Aug 9, 2010 at 2:51:02 pm

1. Yes. Most content comes from production companies.
2. Absolutely.
3. Law firms don't do this. Agents do.

It would do you well to hit some pitch fest events. NATPE, LATVFestival, ect... this is what these are for. You'll get to pitch your show to at least 3 people in person... more of you are agressive. You will learn a lot and it will be well worth your entry fee. They have workshops to get ya ready before you pitch but don't go without a one sheet and a sizzle reel. If interested they'll ask you for a bible... a more in depth treatment of the show. Know that most networks are very comfy with production companies they are already in bed with. They at least want a production company with aproven track record delivering original programming. This does not mean it's impossible to be heard. It just puts two strikes against you when you step up to the plate. Do try to get an agent sold on it. This will be your ace in the hole and you'll find many agancies that specialize in this with a quick search. They too are hard nuts to crack... the good ones anyway. They only accept solicited pitches, ironically. Again, this doesn't make anything impossible. I see it as a test of tenacity.
All that said, brother, protect your project before putting it in front of anybody. I've had more than one hit show that I never got a check for.

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Bob ColeRe: Question about selling and/or distributing content on broadcast or cable television.
by on Aug 20, 2010 at 6:27:40 pm

Grinner's been there; I haven't.

Have you considered posting some content online, trying to build the brand while demonstrating interest (hits) to a potential broadcast partner? It may help you hone your story-telling skills as well -- you'd get to see which narrative techniques or plotlines generated the most interest.

Good luck, and keep us informed.

Bob C

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