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Mark Suszko3DDollars
by on Jul 29, 2010 at 8:28:54 pm

Consider the implications of this:

at under $300, contains a "no glasses needed" 3D monitor on it, and it automatically uploads to youtube...

and this:

at around $1,400. I think a lot of folks may skip the better pro Panasonic 3-d camera that's about to come out for this instead, particularly since the 3d lens adapter comes off and turns it into an OK standard HD camcorder.

My guess? The hot new gimmick in the fall will be 3-d wedding videos, and that Aiptek is pretty easy to apply to real estate portfolio vids. These ridiculously low price points are shattering the barriers to entry, I think it is going to make life harder for the low and mid-level producers to sell quality, when the consumer can have High Def 3D for under $300.

I think the way to make money on these will be in selling the barf bags to go with the glasses, when they use the 3-d to shoot hand-held "jiggle-vision".

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Mike CohenRe: 3DDollars
by on Jul 29, 2010 at 9:03:19 pm

The Panasonic camera says it also has 5.1 surround - so you will hear Uncle Bill breathing heavily in the rear speakers!

Also, playback is via HDMI or SD card into a 3D tv or Blu-ray player. But does Panasonic assume people will simply collect SD cards? Once you save the files to your computer, can you edit in 3D (no doubt you will be able to soon) and what do you do then, burn to Blu-Ray?

I look forward to 3D videos from amusement parks.

Mike Cohen

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Dimitrios PapagiannisRe: 3DDollars
by on Oct 6, 2010 at 3:57:49 am

Hey Mike

You guys do some great work and have some fabulous experience. I did want to shae with you something I encountered the other day. I was at a medical convention recently and one of the individuals said how he was so impressed after watching a surgery shot with a 3D camera that he felt like he was there.


Dimitrios Papagiannis

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Mike CohenRe: 3DDollars
by on Oct 7, 2010 at 7:09:27 pm

I was at a medical convention this week. There were numerous 3D laparoscopy systems on display. The one I tried uses the RealD glasses with a 3D HD monitor. It is pretty spectacular.

In the short term and long term, the practical application is intraoperative monitoring - if the surgeon can see in 3D what he or she is doing, there may be a greater chance of accuracy.

however it took my brain about 10 seconds to get acclimated to the 3D view, and in surgery, it is common to look down or away from the screen in a darkened room, increasing the workload of eyes and brains. Eye and brain strain is one possible side effect.

As far as recording the 3D image to video, there are some proprietary systems on the market.

Editing 3D is even further downstream, and there of course would need to be an installed user base of 3D televisions and a standard for 3D media playback.

As with HD - broadcast comes first, followed by industrial use and finally the consumer. We sell our videos to individuals and to the corporate world so once they all have the desire for 3D video, I'm sure we'll be there.

Mike Cohen

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Tim WilsonRe: 3DDollars
by on Oct 8, 2010 at 6:05:48 am

[Mike Cohen] "Editing 3D is even further downstream, and there of course would need to be an installed user base of 3D televisions and a standard for 3D media playback."

You can edit native stereoscopic in Avid Media Composer software for $2500. Monitoring is being done on inexpensive desktop monitors with active LCD shutters.

The COW's Paul Carlin has been using this setup for some time. He used it to edit the Avatar trailer in his home studio!!! I took a look - not with the Avatar footage; you can imagine that they didn't leave any of that floating around - and it's flabbergasting. You'd use a higher-end system for final grading of course, but editing is a breeze, and watching it play back is a delight.

I know you know this, Mike, having seen it too...but for the rest of the class, this isn't some future thing. It's here today, and it's both easy and inexpensive - even for world-class work.

Tim Wilson
Associate Publisher, Editor-in-Chief
Creative COW Magazine

My Blog: "Is this thing on? Oh it's on!"

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